What's the best A/V setup DVD?



Once my new plasma and existing surround setup is in place, I'm going to want to set it all up as best as possible!
Could anyone recommend a good setup DVD to do this?
How much do they cost?
Avia and dvd essentialls. Avia- I think there is a owerbuy £28, I have this very ood indee, but it is NTSC only.

DVD E is available in Pal is about £15 ish, I think play do it, there is a thread somewhere on the forums have a search.

I will say that a setup dvd is essetial really for this hobby, makes a huge difference IMHO.

As to which one is the best I can't comment, i will probably get the DVE as well, to compliment the Avia dvd.

Enjoy your new toys:smashin:
one other thing, you will need to invest in SPL meter, they are available at various places.

Nexnix are aslo selling them know, you won't really be able to get the best out of your speaker setup without one.
The audio side is supplied by a 'Paramount 5.1 DD/DTS' amp with all the speakers included, it's not the best setup in the world but it's not bad either. Do you think that a level meter is going a bit 'too' far for this kind of amp?
A SPL meter will help no matter what amp you have, I'm not familiar with your amp, but in a nutshell, its still not going too far IMHO.

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