What's the best 1080p LCD?




I'm new on here and although I've had a thorough read through I'm a bit bewildered by the amount of info there is so I'm after some advice. In a nutshell, I'm doing up my lounge and planning on turning it into a decent home cinema setup so I'm looking around at what's the best LCD TV to buy.

From what I've read, 1080p seems the way to go. I really want the best quality and that is certainly more important than saving as much money as I could. Although saying that, I don't want to spend the earth! I've been looking at the latest Philips screens (can't remember the product codes) as I quite like the appearance and the ambilight looks quite cool, but I've read on here that they're prone to a few problems? I don't like the idea of that and hope I haven't just opened a can of worms on the subject! I hear good reports about the Sony Bravia's as well.

So basically, that's kind of the thing I'm after. Must be at least 37", preferably 42". I'm looking to pair it with a decent amp (of which I'll be asking questions about in that section) Sky + HD, and KEF 3005 speakers.

Any advice much appreciated, cheers - Chris.

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