What's th cheapest price for a Philips 32pf9830?


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I am interested in getting one of these over my original intention of a Panny d500.

But i am trying to find out what the cheapest price for it is. Hightstreet price would be ideal so i can get John Lewis to pricematch and so i get the 5 year guarentee.

Internet prices would be coll also, to give an idea on how much i should pay


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On one of the 9830 threads is the updated email address for a company called home discount electricals. A couple of us (myself included) came across them on Ebay a while ago, but you can order direct from them. They are / were selling at £1499 - this is the cheapest anyone has been selling this TV. We have introduced them to quite a few people, so there may be a backlog now, but worth getting on the list.

Try searching for 'home discounts'

As to whether JL would price match, I'd be suprised because Home Discounts are bringing these TVs in by van from Holland, so dont hold stock as they are collecting on order.


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