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I ve had two players capable of playing sacd (1 also plays dvda) for some time (1 year and 2 years) but never bothered to get any as it tends not to be as easy as just walking into HMV to buy the latest release ( i know there are some hidden in the shop) but while at the practical hi fi show i noticed i guy selling them, i decided why not get 1 to try out and in the end went fpr a copy of Brothers in arms (which was my first cd (bout the first 13 year old in my school to go out and buy a cd player)) Got it home and decided to compare the two. Now if your on this part of the forum i dont need to tell you that theres a bit of difference. Problem is i dont know what you can and cannot get so does anyone know any web page that keeps an up to date list of what sacd s are available?


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play.com have a selection, ive got an SACD player with Nine Ninch Nails 'The Downward Spiral' breathtaking sound!

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