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What's on your Desktop?


Active Member
Evening All :thumbsup:

I dont know if this has been done before but I thought I'd start a thread on what people have on their desktops and see if it reflects your personailty?. :D

So I'm gonna start off with mine. I like it nice and tidy, just like my women lol :smashin:



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Here's my wallpaper.


  • 20%20and%20made%20it%20like%20this.jpg
    75.2 KB · Views: 79


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Heres mine

Taked 2 years ago in Scotland at my 40th birthday bash - look at the weather - that was actually taken Dec 18th!


  • 107_0778.JPG
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Well here's mine.... at least with people posting pics of J-Lo and Halle Berry I can have no shame in admitting my crush for a certain Shannen Doherty :cool:


  • shannen_desktop2.jpg
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Here's my Windows desktop:


Haven't got my Mac on me atm but I have a rather nice NASA picture on that...:thumbsup:


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Dan_Nufc i like your setup the weather thing at the top right and the time bottom right and the style how do you get it like that please?

dodger747 yours is nice also how you get that ?

Will see which is easier for me to do and try to duplicate that one since i'm not that good at computer stuff :)


Well-known Member
I use Aston shell.

Its a really simple programme to use. Download it and a style that you like [available from Deviant or the Aston website]. Run the Aston programme and select which theme/style you want and thats pretty much it.

Everything can move around and be configured to suit what you want and there are thousands of themes to choose from. I also find it much more stable than the windows desktop, but that may be because I don't use my pc for as much strenuous stuff as I used to...:thumbsup:

lisa burrell

My desk top a gretsch white falcon

for the People who are not IT Friendly

to copy your desktop

press control press print screen

open paint in accessories and

click edit click paste

save as jpeg not a bmp

if the image is to big for the forum

download ifanview

drag and drop into infranview

chose image tab

chose re sample

chose smaller

then you must click save in the file options

hope this helps


  • my desk top.jpg
    my desk top.jpg
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Active Member
Here's mine.......niiiiicccceeeeee....hubba hubba :D


  • Desktop (Small).jpg
    Desktop (Small).jpg
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Senior Moderator

Style-XP with 'Longhorn Aero' theme
Widgets - widescapeweather, minisys
Rainlendar with 'Foton' skin
Iconpackager - I alternate between 'smooth metal' and 'blackOS'
Wallpaper - Miss Knightley


Nera System (vista) logon screen, loaded with stylexp
Mini pic says 'why be normal?'

Soz if its too big, imageshack is slow for me, and I can't be bothered manually making thumbnail codes. Any mod can go ahead and do it for me though!


Distinguished Member
Quick question: How come everytime I include a photo attachment, it comes into my post as a thumbnail? How do I get it big like you guys? :lease:


Senior Moderator
We use photo hosting sites; imageshack, photobucket, flickr etc, rather than use the forums bandwidth (and for personal organisational needs)


Distinguished Member
We use photo hosting sites; imageshack, photobucket, flickr etc, rather than use the forums bandwidth (and for personal organisational needs)

Bah.... that's another one you've got up on me! :D

But not for long!.... cheers matey! :thumbsup:

Predictably, here's my wallpaper.......



Well-known Member
I had a look at Aston Shell as mentioned on the previous page, really impressed!

Glad you like it, it really is a great programme...:thumbsup:

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