What's on your Christmas list?


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Slightly bored at work... thought it would be interesting to see what 360 related things are on members Christmas lists this year?

Being particularly impatient I have already treated myself to an HD-DVD add-on and most of the new games.... I tried really hard not to buy GOW and leave it for Christmas... but just couldn't help myself in the end :D

I did however manage to resist buying everything and left the following things to keep Santa busy:

R6: Vegas
Star Trek: Legacy
Wireless Headset
Live Camera

Plus a few HD-DVD's to watch:

Superman Returns
The Fast and the Furious
MI3: Boxset


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I couldn't wait :devil: I bought myself the xbox HD-DVD player with Batman Begins and Training Day

Then i bought Gears of War and Call of Duty 3

For christmas i am getting Viva Pinata, Mission Impossible 3 and Terminator 3 HD-DVD's


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getting Superman Returns HD off my dear Mother.

I would like Marvel: Ultimate alliance but Gamestation were out of stock (must get from them as i have a credit note)

LOST PLANET is a going to be a late christmas pressie to myself aswell.

Captain Speedy

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HD-dvd player (bought by myself)

wireless headset

pioneer surround system

hopefully a wii but i doubt that will have happened


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Could've bought the HD-DVD add-on but would prefer a standalone one. I'll get one further down the line in '07.

For the 360 I bought from play:

R6: Vegas
Gears of War
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

The rest of the money I get for xmas is going towards paying off debt :boring:


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Hopefully a PS3 if her indoors will allow it.....more than likley though it will be aftershave,socks and undies :(

Ahhh, good old essentials.

I have asked for a remote control helicopter, but fat chance me thinks.


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I my missus ever bought me just socks and undies for Xmas then I'd know there was something seriously wrong... just like she would if I bought her some sort of kitchen utensil :devil: :rotfl:


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Mrs brought me a Wii,Wii Play, extra Nunchuk and Classic Wii Con,Red Steel,Raving Rabids.

Have off people:

Zelda - Wii
360 Live Camera (Off the mother in law :eek: )
and then asked everyone else for money so I can get a PS3 in March.

Brought the HD - DVD Add on and 360 games and HD movies myself over the year.

Trouble with me is that im very impatient and throughout the year I buy stuff as and when I want it and at Christmas time everyones asking me what I want, then I struggle to think im actually after and knowing in the past people buy me things that I never use!


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Ahhh, good old essentials.

I have asked for a remote control helicopter, but fat chance me thinks.

Firebox have some cool little ones, about £30, go on treat yourself, suppose to be good fun if you have cats to chase it about

Another vote for Rainbow Six Vegas, getting a bit bored of FPS though, that means the GF must be really bored!


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1. Viva Pinata
2. Dvd season one of Antiques Roadshow
3. Jon Craven's Newsround Annual
4. Norris McWhirter's autobiography
5. A back stage pass to QVC
6. A guaranteed winning lottery ticket, well that's what the website claims.

Looking forward to the first one more than my age should allow.


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from me lady and mum..

xbox 360 premium
quick charge kit
Gears of War
Perfect Dark
Rainbow Six Vegas
Burnout Revenge
Tomb Raider Legends
Test Drive Unlimited

picked up myself :rolleyes:

Splinter Cell : Double Agent
Amped 3
Call of Duty 2
Halo 2
Star Wars : Knights of the old Republic

too many, going to be playing for ages. but heh, have to save in the coming year to get married so just as well.


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Tony hawks
wireless controller
play and charge kit.

Just treated myself to gears of war for finishing term so it should be a fun holiday :)


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I have 4 kids and luckily 3 of them are boys so I get to play with all their toys. One of them has a R/C helicopter. I know that 'cos i bought it;)


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My list is mostly made up of games I wanted but didn't have time to play before:

1 Tony Hawk
2 Tiger Woods 2007
3 Rainbox Six Vegas

Can't wait!


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1. Rainbow 6 Vegas
2. Call of Duty 3
3. Serenity HD-DVD
4. Batman Begins HD-DVD



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I've got Smackdown vs Raw and the Xbox Live Camera, except I pinched the points out of it already :devil:


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In my list,

Rainbow Six: Vegas
Pio Surround Sound

those i know i'm getting cos i ordered them myself lol

Other suprises await, they'll only be small though as in the new year im getting a new LCD tv, a table for it, and a new widescreen monitor for my pc :D


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Seems a lot of people have "saved" R6: Vegas for xmas - I loved the demo so as long as the rest of the game is more of the same then it should be great :thumbsup:

BuFF DaDDy - Think I'll be getting a few of those USB cannons for the office - reserved for special occasions only though, otherwise I'll never get anyone to do any work ;)

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