What's new on UK streaming services for July 2022

Jessica Noir

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Flee and Waltz with Bashir would make a hell of a grim double bill.

Under the Banner of Heaven should be interesting. The true crime novel it's based on was terrific (if a little long in giving you a condensed history of The Church of Jesus Christ and the Later Day Saints, so to see a 'just the facts, ma'am' version should be good. I see the very talented Isabel Sandoval directed an episode.

Andy Bassett

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Updated 22-Jun-2022 Prime Video/Starzplay:
10th Jul - The Girl from Plainville, Limited Season (new)

Updated 22-Jun-2022 Disney+:
13th Jul - The Bob's Burgers Movie (new)


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Not a great month from my point of view, though Light & Magic looks promising.


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Quite a lot for a "quiet" month. There's a few here I'm going to be adding to the watchlist. Haven't seen Flee yet so will do, Light & Magic is right up my street, Under the Banner of Heaven, The Terminal List, Paper Girls, Don't Make Me Go (one to watch with the better half) and Black Bird for me.


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I have a D+ sub Open to sharing my sub with 1 person at half price. :)

Andy Bassett

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Updated 27-Jun-2022 Disney+:

1st Jul - Epic Movie (new)
1st Jul - High Crimes (new)
1st Jul - Made in America (new)
1st Jul - Mirrors (new)
1st Jul - Monte Carlo (new)
1st Jul - Phenomenon (new)
1st Jul - Stay (new)
1st Jul - The Sentinel (new)
1st Jul - Wild Hogs (new)

6th Jul - 9-1-1 S4 (new)
6th Jul - 9-1-1 Lone Star S2 (new)
6th Jul - 9-1-1 Lone Star S3 (new)
6th Jul - Ghost Whisperer S1-5 (new)
6th Jul - Promised Land S1 (new)

8th Jul - The Wonderful Summer of Mickey Mouse (new)
8th Jul - Aloha (new)
8th Jul - Copycat (new)
8th Jul - Just My Luck (new)
8th Jul - Meet the Spartans (new)
8th Jul - Runaway Jury (new)
8th Jul - Sweet Home Alabama (new)
8th Jul - The Negotiator (new)
8th Jul - Tigerland (new)

13th Jul - Solar Opposites S3 (new)
13th Jul - The Villains of the Valley S1 (new)


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America The Beautiful, Light & Magic and Under the Banner of Heaven all look promising.

Although I believe UTBOH has a pretty distressing animal cruelty scene in the opening episode, so will need to brace myself for that, even although I know it's not real !

Andy Bassett

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Updated 28-Jun-2022 Disney+:

15th Jul - 27 Hours (new)
15th Jul - Asterix: The Mansions oft the Gods (new)
15th Jul - Chicken Run (new)
15th Jul - Dear Frankie (new)
15th Jul - Dead Poets Society (new)
15th Jul - Florence Foster Jenkins (new)
15th Jul - Jellyfish (new)
15th Jul - Philomena (new)
15th Jul - Suffragette (new)
15th Jul - The Iron Lady (new)
15th Jul - The Queen (new)
15th Jul - Wuthering Heights (new)

22nd Jul - 2 Days in Paris (new)
22nd Jul - Good Vibrations (new)
22nd Jul - Masters of Love (new)
22nd Jul - Match Point (new)
22nd Jul - Nowhere Boy (new)
22nd Jul - Personal Shopper (new)
22nd Jul - The Beats Beneath my Feet (new)
22nd Jul - The Horse Whisperer (new)
22nd Jul - Trance (new)

26th Jul - Santa Evita Limited Season (new)
27th Jul - The Last Man on Earth S1-4 (new)
29th Jul - Not Okay (new)
29th Jul - The Duchess (new)
29th Jul - Gosford Park (new)
29th Jul - Handsome Devil (new)
29th Jul - La Vie En Rose (new)
29th Jul - Not Another Happy Ending (new)
29th Jul - The Disappearance of Alice Creed (new)
29th Jul - Wild (new)

Andy Bassett

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Staff member
Updated 30-Jun-2022 Prime Video:

1st Jul - This is the Year (new)
1st Jul - Venom (new)
8th Jul - Birds of Prey (new)
8th Jul - Rise of the Footsoldier: Origins (new)
22nd Jul - Anything's Possible (new)
22nd Jul - Prizefighter: The Life of Jem Belcher (new)
22nd Jul - Dating & New York (new)
29th Jul - Scoob! (new)

Updated 30-Jun-2022 Apple TV+:

29th Jul - Surface Limited Season (new)

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