What's new on Sky and NOW UK for May 2021


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Think we deserve a sky movies refund, with the films they have been putting on now, not their fault I appreciate

Andy Bassett

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Updated 28-Apr-2021:

11th May: Rent-a-Pal
14th May: The Secrets We Keep
21st May: The Broken Hearts Gallery
28th May: Breaking News in Yuba County
29th May: The Queen's Corgi
TBC May: Echo Boomers
TBC May: The Roads Not Taken


Never heard of any of them, and I agree about a refund!

Toon Army

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We bailed out of the cinema package last year before Covid, such was the poor quality of movies on offer even then. Better spent on the cheaper Netflix subscription we added.

Idle Bull

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I've not seen Tenet, so that's one for the diary, and "Say you Prayers" is set locally, so will watch for the interest. Not sure I'd call Ilkley rural though :)


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On the film side we are starting to see the effects of the studios' shifting their slates and this month is very much evident of that despite having one of the only real blockbusters of 2020 on there. I suspect Sky knew this was inevitable hence them offering incentives like the Sky Store discounts but the dearth of theatrical product is really telling now - unlike Amazon and Netflix who can more or less just hide their rubbish amongst a sea of other rubbish it's harder to get away with that on a movie-focused proposition. Probably worse when the likes of Paramount and Sony are offloading titles like Without Remorse, Coming 2 America and Vivo to streamers meaning they miss out on some studio product down the road (or even the opportunity to acquire them for their territories).

To give them their props they are trying to keep it viable - they have new pay 1 deals with Studiocanal and E-One (the latter of which appears to have triggered VOD releases of MIA titles like Captive State & Where'd You Go Bernadette), picked up what seems like a Pay 2 deal with Lionsgate and I think the pivot to their own acquisitions is a noble effort despite the varying quality and probably the best thing (and only thing) they could do to keep the movie service viable.


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Cosmic Sin Requires Sky Cinema subscription 🤣🤣😁😁🤣🤣🤢

Andy Bassett

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Updated 29-Apr-2021:

12th May: Silent Night
13th May: Let It Snow
15th May: The Broken Hearts Gallery moved from 21st May
16th May: Under the Stadium Lights
17th May: The Wacky Hen

18th May: Tremors: Shrieker Island
19th May: Knuckledust
20th May: The Sinners
21st May: Rambo: Last Blood
22nd May: The Roads Not Taken (confirmed)
23rd May: Echo Boomers (confirmed)
24th May: Away
25th May: Benny Loves You
26th May: Deep Murder
27th May: Stardust
27th May: Breeders S2 (confirmed)
30th May: Spell
31st May: The Elfkins
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You have to pay extra for it . I think they call it boost ?

Craig uk

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Tenet is brilliant.

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