What's new on Sky and NOW TV UK for March 2021


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Thanks Andy. Six minutes to midnight looks good. Disappointed to find Truth Seekers has been cancelled, wasn't brilliant but I thought it had potential. A bit Dr Who'y which isn't a bad thing.

La Finta Nonna

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SAS red notice might be worth a look as for the Snyder cut of the Justice League fans will be excited the rest of us will be wondering four hours worth of turd polishing

Andy Bassett

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Updated 26-Feb-2021:

1st Mar: Hausen S1 (Confirmed)
1st Mar: Sister of the Groom
2nd Mar: Fall of a Kingdom
3rd Mar: Mafia Inc.
4th Mar: State of Mind
5th Mar: The Witches
6th Mar: Human Capital
8th Mar: Magic Arch
9th Mar: Chronical: 2067
10th Mar: Gutterbug
11th Mar: Target Number One
13th Mar: Welcome to Sudden Death
14th Mar: Poms
15th Mar: Dino Dana: The Movie
16th Mar: Concrete Plans
16th Mar: The Good Doctor S4 (Confirmed)
17th Mar: Finding Steve McQueen
18th Mar: Tremors: Shrieker Island
19th Mar: Finding the Way Back
21st Mar: The Tax Collector
22nd Mar: Boonio Bears: The Wild Life
23rd Mar: Endless
24th Mar: The Warrior Queen of Jhansi
25th Mar: Save Yourselves!
28th Mar: The Furnace
28th Mar: Tina
29th Mar: The Racer
30th Mar: Seized
31st Mar: Eternal Beauty
31st Mar: Station 19 S4 (Confirmed)

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