What's new on Netflix UK for February 2022


Netflix have just announced price rises in the US so no doubt that will reach us soon. I‘ve said before that I don’t agree with their pricing model (tying number of devices to resolution) and that I think they’re way too expensive compared to Disney and Amazon. I only subscribe when there’s anything I really want to watch so once I’ve finished Cobra Kai I’m gone. And if the price does rise then it’s not likely I’ll be back.


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It's been nearly a year since I last subscribed, and I will be shortly for Cobra Kai and a few other things I've missed.

But otherwise it's very poor these days.

I think it's lost it's status now to Amazon, Disney and Apple; who all surpass it in terms of content and value for money.

I dare say picture quality as well.


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I sincerely hope my wife stops finding shows to watch on Netflix so I can cancel it for a while.
Only top movies and shows coming up. I reckon they should increase the price to £20 for HD. It will still be great value.........
Do I dare to mention the word torrent? Would that really be such a crap word considering the crap we're being fed after they pocketed the money for a good while blaming covid?


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I took out a months subscription just before Christmas but will be cancelling. February's line up looks dreadful. Will probably renew when The Crown returns at the end of the year.

Certainly overpriced for the 4K subscription


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After a strong few months this is a let down. Saw the Big Bug trailer this morning and looks pretty good. Season 1 of Raising Dion was ok so might as well watch season 2. Murderville could be good. Nothing else of interest…


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Very disappointing =/
And.. a Christmas movie? Really? :p


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A Christmas movie in February?! What’s that all about? Crap month all round really.


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We just watched series 3 of Ricky Gervais’s Afterlife and it was so bad. Netflix must offered him a lot of money because it seemed like he no additional story to tell, some scenes and characters were so bad we were close to turning it off.


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The only thing I am interested in watching from that awful line up is…Vikings: Valhalla

I absolutely loved Vikings, so with the same executive producer on board for V_Valhalla I might have to rejoin just for that alone. :love:

Kotatsu Neko

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I really, really hope that Big Bug is good. Jeunet is one of my all time favourite film makers (City of Lost Children, Amelie etc) but he's been rather off the boil for too long. The trailer looks wonderful, so fingers crossed...

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Just as well we have a few series to catch up with otherwise I would pause our subscription. Don't know if our Sky add on price will increase in view of US price rises mentioned above when the UK follows. The Christmas movie sums it up!


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Kotatsu Neko

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With the probability of a price increase to follow the US one then we need to send them the message that quantity doesn’t make up for their lack of quality and stop subscribing.

Quality is entirely subjective. I'm currently watching The Witcher, Sons of Sam, Cobra Kai, Voir, and Narcos Mexico and I'll move onto Ozark, Archive 88, Lost in Space and a bunch of others over the next week or two, plus I watch movies on Netflix most weeks. Despite the price rises it still costs next to nothing for the utterly ludicrous amount of stuff on there.

Think what we used to have, they were dark days.

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Updated 18-Jan-2022:

1st Feb - It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia S15
2nd Feb - MeatEater S10b
8th Feb - Ms. Pat: Y'all Wanna Hear Something Crazy?
th Feb - Only Jokes Allowed S1
9th Feb - The Big Shot Game Show S1
9th Feb - The Privilege
10th Feb) - Into the Wind
11th Feb - Anne+: The Film
11th Feb - Love and Leashes
11th Feb - Love Tactics
13th Feb - The Kill Team
15th Feb - AI Love You
16th Feb - Secrets of Summer S1
17th Feb - Young Wallander: Killer's Shadow
18th Feb - Back to 15 S1

Andy Bassett

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Updated 20-Jan-2022:

9th Feb - Disenchantment Pt 4
15th Feb - Ladies in Lavender
16th Feb - Swap Shop: Treasure Hunters S2
16th Feb - Wanderlust
17th Feb - Erax
17th Feb - Forgive Us Our Trespasses
17th Feb - Heart Shot
17th Feb - Mo Gilligan: There's Mo to Life
18th Feb - The Cuphead Show!

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