What's new on Netflix UK for February 2021


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I have to agree, nothing here of much note, just the usual meh that I can get anywhere. I would be happy if they put on more classic movies or 1000 movies that should be seen before you die. I can get most of this nonsense on my Amazon prime sub and find TV is is just Meh. More and more I turn to user created content on YouTube which is more original and honest. I enjoy a good movie but find that the good stuff is sunk among the dross.

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Updated 26-Jan-2021:

1st Feb: The Family Fang
2nd Feb: Tiffany Haddish Presents: They Ready S2
3rd Feb: Black Beach
5th Feb: Coming From Insanity
5th Feb: Hire a Woman
14th Feb: Namaste Wahala
14th Feb: The Big Day S1
16th Feb: Bird on a Wire
16th Feb: Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot
16th Feb: The Debt
16th Feb) The Little Rascals Save the Day
17th Feb: A.I. Artificial Intelligence
17th Feb: The Great Communist Bank Robbery
18th Feb: Thus Spoke Kishibe Riohan S1
19th Feb: Legacy of Lies
22nd Feb: What Men Want
22nd Feb: Brian Regan: On the Rocks
22nd Feb: Made You Look: A True Story About Fake Art
25th Feb: High Rise Invasion S1

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Updated 01-Feb-2021:

1st Feb: Anna and the Apocalypse
1st Feb: Baywatch (2017)
1st Feb: Glory
1st Feb: Hostel Part III
1st Feb: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein
1st Feb: Miracles from Heaven
1st Feb: Raising the Bar
1st Feb: The Hunted
1st Feb: The Hunted
1st Feb: The Legend of Zorro
1st Feb: The Reef
1st Feb: Why Did I Get Married?
1st Feb: Zack and Miri Make a Porno
1st Feb - The Vampire Diaries S1-8


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For anyone with an Atmos setup....

I saw tonight that SE02E01 of Snowpiercer was available.

I thought SE01 was a bit tedious, but figured I’d give it a go.

It’s so-so, but there’s a great use of atmos - there’s a scene where there’s someone making an announcement over the intercom, and as we cut from carriage to carriage, the speech bounces around and changes tone to reflect the environment the characters are in. A really neat piece of sound mixing and a good use of the tech.

(I only really noticed it because the sequence was partially unintelligible until I noticed my height speaker amp was accidentally off!)


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I just watched Space Sweepers and was completely blown away with how good it was. It has awesome use of Atmos throughout and a really well thought out story.

It starts off well enough and just gets better and better, it has some really good humour in places, great CGI, I was expecting low budget and this is as good as most Hollywood movies, the effects and pacing of the story is top notch, the characters well developed and likeable, by the end I was really rooting for them. It has quite a novel premise and a really nice payoff by the end. I can't recommend this highly enough, maybe because my expectations were low and it just blew them away with how well put together and professionally done it was.

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Updated 11-Feb-2021:

17th Feb: Amend: The Fight for America
24th Feb: Ginny & Georgia S1
24th Feb: Capone (2020)

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