What's new on Disney+ UK for January 2021


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I've heard the Sinclair's are back with the "Jim Henson's, Dinosaurs" sometime soon. Cannot wait for this as it was a favourite of mine


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Not terrible.. but not yet convinced by Wanda vision - hoping the trailers ect have only shown a small snippet from the first episode it's rather different..


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I must be an odd man out. Tried to develop some interest in dramas but failed miserably. I am mainly interested in movies. I am waiting for this so-called mature contents being made available in D+ from next year.


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Can't say it looks like a good month to be honest. Thank god for the back catalogue of Star Wars series I've got into after the Mandalorine. Not looking forward to Wandavision but looking forward to the there other marvel series.


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"What's new on Disney+ UK for January 2021"
Hopefully 4K+Dolby Vision+Atmos on Philips tv's!

Sorry couldn't resist lol

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My biggest disappointment with Disney is their canning of the Marvel Universe on Netflix. We lost Daredevil and the Punisher - two outstanding shows that were geared toward adults. Gritty, violent, but still Marvel. It's clear Disney want the Disney+ platform to remain family friendly, why don't they rehouse these wonderful shows elsewhere then? There's a gap in the market.


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Just to say.................
Have just subscribed to Disney+ for the 1st time ever a few hours ago.
Mainly as my new Chromecast with Google TV shows me Disney+ stuff anyway, even though I was not subscribed.
And the price is about to go up, so 1 year for about £59 (£1.13 a week) well hay that's a single tin of beer.
I know they are going to ramp the pricing up, so see how we go in future years.

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Updated 31-Dec-2020:

15th Jan: Dr. Dolittle 3
22nd Jan: Drumline
22nd Jan: The Book of Life
29th Jan: Ramona and Beezus

Andy Bassett

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Updated 12-Jan-2021:

15th Jan: Elena of Avalor S3
15th Jan: Marvel's Runaways S3
15th Jan: Thailand's Wild Side
22nd Jan: Flicka 2
22nd Jan: Flicka: Country Pride
22nd Jan: Wild Uganda
29th Jan: X-Men: Apocalypse

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