What's new on Disney+ UK for February 2021


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Disney+ UK have been saying that the content of Star will more than double to over 1000 titles by the end of the year from the 450 or so that are available at launch. So hopefully, any films that are streaming in other countries will be added to UK content fairly soon.

Link to the full launch day list on the Disney+ website below:

Impressive, can't wait to get the wider catalogue.

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I think it's safe to say Disney+ is slowly becoming our favourite (My) favourite service out there right now!

golden phoenix

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Weres true lies, aliens the abyss..most of the stuff is all dated available elsewhere pretty disappointing, and they want money for this?

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Aliens is on the Australian one. True Lies and The Abyss aren’t on any list as of yet


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I have been in contact with Disney + about the PS5 not playing content in 4K HDR and all they said was that at the moment it doesn't no word on when they will update the app.I am considering not renewing my subscription as I watch most content on my 4K projector but without a 4K HDR it doesnt seem like it worth another years subscription..Does anyone know of another way to get 4K content to play through my projector without getting an Amazon Firestick or similar device as my Sony 4K Bluray player doesnt have the Disney + app....
Why not use Apple TV?

Projector app too?


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Just signed up . hopefully will offer better value than Netflix , the money i saved by changing my NF sub will pay for Disney +


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Just cancelled mine, I had the cheap annual subscription but not impressed by the new content, back catalogues of stuff aired numerous times doesn't cut it.

Will dip in to Apple and this on a monthly binge basis as series pile up.

Agents of Sheild and Mandalorian have finished and Wandavision isn't doing it for me.

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