What's new on Disney+ UK for August 2020


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They did well to hook many people in with that £50 offer. Especially what happened with them reducing the quality as well for a bit.

I managed to use the 7 day trial to watch The Mandalorian then I haven't even looked since. Not interested in the slightest and I own most Disney stuff I'm interested in on disc or digital already.

I'll have a look again when the Marvel TV stuff drops.
Best 50 notes I have ever spent but hey I have a 4 year old daughter and she loves it all :)


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My daughter wants Zombies 2, it’s our on the 14th in USA why not drop it here as well, sick to death of having to wait, £35 was about as much as I would pay for this service doubt I’ll renew next year unless I can get a similar deal.

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I think Disney + represents fantastic value for money...well worth £49.99 for the year(even better when you can get the us version included too!) Now things are getting g back to some kind of normality the 4k dolby vision and atmos sound can be really impressive for a streaming service,and having the star wars,marvel,Pixar,Disney catalogue avaliable at your fingertips is worth it....but like anythng its all down to what its worth to people...
Films such as Toy Story 2 and the Car films are still HDR on the American vers but it is still SDR for the UK.


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Films such as Toy Story 2 and the Car films are still HDR on the American vers but it is still SDR for the UK.
I have the UK and US of Disney + so ots a win win for me...even if I just had the uk version,for me it still represents brilliant value for money for the amount of content at my fingertips.


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X-Men Dark Phoenix popped up today and no Atmos. Wondering if Atmos will ever be available for Fox titles. The rest of the X-Men were DD 5.1 which is fair enough as the mix was DTS-HD but Dark Phoenix UHD had Atmos.


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Fisher Kings has appeared. It's pretty good if you like fishing programs but for some reason they're all jumbled up and if you can't remember what you've watched there's no indication of which episodes you've viewed.

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