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Whats needed

Discussion in 'Nintendo Forums' started by neil20v, Nov 12, 2004.

  1. neil20v


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    I just bought a Thomson 42" Plasma that only has DVi and PC inputs. The Tv came with a sperate tuner box which i intend to upgrade due to the limited number of inputs (only 2 scarts)

    I have plugged my x-box into the tuning box using the standard microsoft scart and the picture is really poor and it looks almost all purple.

    My X-box is a Pal console without any mods, I have a large collection of Pal games and i use it on x-box live.

    I have read a number of post hear and i'm a little confused as to what parts/cables i need to sort the picture out.

    Do i just need the Microsoft Hi-def cable or do i have to have the xbox physically modified to run on my plasma.....if i have it modified it will it still play my pal games?

    I am thinking of upgrading the standard tuner box with the AverMedia TV Box 9 do you think this will improve picture further?

    Sorry to ask such basic questions but i'm a newbie and everyone has to start somewhere :blush:
  2. Pooon

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    Dec 26, 2002
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    Canterbury, Kent
    You say your using the standard scart, if you mean the one that came with the xbox then stop immediately, remove from console, take to back garden and burn :devil: That cable is the Devil. Get yourself down the shop purchase a Microsoft Advanced Scart (Lazy Link) this should improve your picture ten fold, but the purpleness of the picture throws me a bit and to be fair i dunno what the answer is. Your second point about modding your xbox, yes you will still be able to play your pal games, modding the box will open up all sorts of other things to you(lots of other posts in this forum about what can be achieved) one of which will include Progressive Scan, which although is not available to you atm, with a new tuner box it should be a possibility(sorry i know nothing about plasma tuner boxes).

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