What's my Sanyo Z2 worth?


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Hi all,

Due to having a young daughter and being too busy to sit down and watch many films I'm thinking of selling my PJ as it never gets used.

It's in full working order, excellent condition, boxed etc and only has only had 134 hours usage.

I'm thinking of selling it to fund a new TV, has anyone got any idea what it would be worth?


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I've just seen 2 listed on ebay, one has a bid of £80 with 20 hours to go, the other has a starting bid of £250 and still has a few days to go.

So it's looking like £250 could be the most I could hope for.

I'll keep watching and see what happens!


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I sold my Z3 on Ebay for £270 last september, it had just over 1000 hrs use, so id say about the £230 to £250 mark.


You can do a completed items search under advanced search options on ebay.co.uk

It comes up with
£180+£20postage 3rd June
New Boxed £387.49+postage 29th May
£115+£42postage 24th May
Not Working £92+£14.99postage 24th May

If you use ebay then set a reserve price. Something that sells for £50 one week can sell for £200 the next.
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Wow, I've been using ebay for ages but never noticed that option!

That's useful, thankyou.

Looks like I'm going to struggle to fund my new TV from the sale of my Z2, but at least it will help.

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