Whats my receiver worth...?


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Hi everyone, am selling my Yamaha RX-V2700 amp, is 2-3 years old complete immaculate and boxed, what should I expect to get for it on fleabay?

Thanks for your help!


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Due to the fact this is an old reciever with no HD decoding and only 1.2a HDMI then I would not expect it to sell for more than £100 or so. That said it is amasing what people will pay for items on ebay so you never know your luck.


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The HDMI inputs on the 2700 are repeaters, so will accept HD audio via LPCM.

I think you may get £200 for it? Why not advertise on the AV forum Classifieds. The advantage with that is people are often after sound quality rather than the latest functionality.

There is one drawback with the 2700; it doesn't support 1080p video at 24fps. you can usually get round that by having a Blueray player that forces 24fps. The trouble is is that they are getting less common. Sony BR players used to do that, but my Sony 370 doesn't have a setting to force 24fps.

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