Whats my best upgrade route for stereo?

ttree sound

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I'm finding this decision a little tricky.

1. Do I add a P90 to an already bi-amped AVR300 (using 6th+7th channel)?

2. Do I add an A90 and somehow bi-amp this? To use it alone would not improve stereo sound over my otherwise bi-amped AVR300 IMO.

3 Do I use a CD36 instead of my CD192 with my current setup?

deaf cat

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Interesting one.

I guess we need to know if you prefer the sound of a P90 better than the internal amps of the AVR300, any chance you can borrow one form your local dealer and give it a bash at home ?

Also have you fine tuned your cables to what you like best ?

Best thing if you can have a friendly chat with your dealer and see what you can borrow and have a good old listing session at home.

I think I would:
First start with cables(if they are quite decent start with the cd player),
then Cd player,
then power amps.

Be intrested to hear how you get on, what ever you decide to do.

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