Whats more important, contrast ratio or resoluton?


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I'm looking to upgrade my current 28" CRT to something 40-42" LCD. The only HD sorce will be my Xbox 360 at the moment
I'm getting confused and conflicting coments from shop reps, so i'll ask here
What should i look for? A nice high screen res, i seen the samsung have a contrast ratio of 5000:1 or should i look for someting with 1080i screen res.
I have a budget of £1000 i could stretch it a little upwards.

:lease: I dont want a Plasma


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Contrast ratio can be a tricky one.

The 5000:1 you saw on the Samsung is a 'Dynamic' contrast ratio NOT the actual contrast ratio, useless in most cases. You should be looking for at least 1000:1 and above.
Regarding resolution, Most "HD ready" LCD TV's are 1366x768 which is fine for most users (420i, 420p, 580i, 580p, 720p and 1080i)

1080p aka "Full HD" TV's have a native resolution of 1920x1080. At the moment you don't really need to worry about 1080p unless you want to watch HD-DVD or Blue-Ray movies in their full glory.

Why not take your 360 along and try it on the TV's? that way you'll know which one is best for you.


Excuse my ignorance but can you please explain the difference between 'Dynamic' contrast ratio and actual contrast ratio. Thanks.


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LIke wise , 360 owner and 28 crt.
If you want a gaming LCD forget it. Unless your willing to shell out 1600 at the least. 1080p upgrade is just rolling out on the xbox live, so you need it. Most LCD's are bad latancy and will show up on most fast moving scenes. 8 ms maximum, lower if you can get it. Contrast is imperative, no LCD matches a CRT for playing Splinter Cell. Waste of money at the moment.

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