What's it to be?


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Marantz 4300?
Marantz 5300?
Denon 1803?
Yahama 630?

Could any owners leave some opinions to help me decide, thanks.


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I have the yamaha and love it, but it my first real amp, as opposed to a dvd player amp combo, prologic 2 is great for stereo sources. dont really know about the others, went for the yamaha because i knew someone that worked for them so got it dead cheap


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Ian you're spot on, do I really have to reccommend my amp again.. that's something like five times in as many days. Maybe a sticky regarding the search facility is called for?


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But this choice faces many of us: Yam (530/630/730) vs Mara (5300/6300) vs ...

perhaps we need a consolidated thread, in which we get reports of a face-off, ahead of what the mags might do.

Criteria need listing first perhaps at this price range, bwim £300 - £450 as per online prices not rrp.



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Originally posted by Ian J
It's a shame that people don't use the search facilty on the forum as someone starts almost exactly the same thread every other day.
Why not post a 'Sticky' thread for all new users to read suggesting they use the search facility to see if there are any answers to their questions before posting?
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