Whats happening to this forum


We'll whats happening

I used to come on here to read adult topics and views all we get now is fanboy crap it's getting as bad as gamesradar and thats bad.

All three consoles are superb in there own right:D


I hear you Fuzzybee but thankfully its not as widespread and hopfully it will remain as a few isolated cases. The debates often start off innocently enough but end up on a sour note without helping the thread starter on many occasions.

I'm still on for a "sticky" on the "What console - PS2, GC or Xbox?" type questions, but to be honest that kind of question doesn't appear to be as frequent as others on the AV forum.

All three consoles have their strengths and weaknesses and will appeal to all different sorts of people. I'm not against showing a bit of compassion for a product you like but to purely hate others for not choosing the same item as you is a bit childish. Most of us have left such things back in primary school and it isn't expected in a forum with such a high average age.

Many other videogame forums have been flooded with such behaviour, please, lets not add this one to the list.


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I am sorry :p

I only do it because I get a little bored at work, and there is immense amusement to be gained from winding up the X-Box fanboys.

I will desist, and yes there does seem to be a lack of sensible conversation about what we like. :(


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i thought it all got a bit silly, hey neo can u answer my post as i think u r in the know!


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i find that i have to leave for a couple of weeks everytme it happens, let the arguments cool down and then come back.

once everyone realises there is only one console worth owning the............................

just kidding ;)

with the price of machines these days there is no excuse not to own all of them, and build up a collection of games that you really want and will spend time on.


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Next time someone asks which console is best, either dont reply or say none there all **** dont bother, go buy a bike.;)

John Jennings

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The Jaguar ROXXXX!!!!!! Eggzbox suckzzz! ATARREEE ROOLZ!! GreyStations are ghey!! ROFLOL!!!

Sorry, I'll get a grip.. I do know what you mean. I'm perpetually searching for a forum where people can discuss things fairly intelligently. I did migrate to the Edge forums a few months back and was quite happy, but even that seems to be degenerating to babble. Thankfully not too many console-slagging fanboys still, it's just not too interesting any more. Just lots of;

Thread starter:
I just bought Game-X. I think it's good.

I agree

Reply 2:
So do I

Reply 3:
I think it sucks

Reply 4:
Well I like it.

Replay 5:
Yes, I liked it too

ad nauseum

Hardly stimulating debate really. Does anyone really care if someone you've never met in your life happens to want to say "Yes, I agree". What weight does that carry? Does it carry the debate further? Say something interesting! Please!

Or am I just being a snob?


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I agree. ;)


lol John, I hear you. I left a few other forums because of it but would like to hang on to this one for a while yet. I haven't visted the Edge forums since I was told that it was full of elitists and I can't stand them to be honest. I suppose it does help that this forum is generally aimed at an older audience so there is a lot less "debate" of the sort found elsewhere.

Gary D

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Most of the debate as to the merits of each the consoles is fairly intelligent until certain members get involved then it really does go down hill fast. We could all name names but that would just encourage them, maybe we should hve games discussions while they are at playgroup or having their afternoon nap?



Its best if we just carried on debating, making points and help others out... If certain members wish to join then let them because they have the right just as all members do. However if things do get out of hand then I'm sure theres an ignore feature somewhere, since if words are posted just to be destructive then it won't help anyone.


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I don't mind when people say they are not into a certain console and give a reason, I don't even have to agree with it, but when i hear someone who owns X slagging off Y, well that just p!!sses me off.
And there is far too much off it everywhere, it is human nature i guess, and it all comes down to being jealous.


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I would have thought it came out of pity :)

One good thing to do is have self moderation, simply ignore the bad threads. I usually just read them and smirk and maybe add the odd comment.

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