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what's good cheap av amp ?


Standard Member
Hi all,

im looking for a amp for a 5.1 setup with Mordaunt Short 902i front speakers
the rest in terms of speakers are Mordaunt Short Genie.

these are the items i want to connect

xbox 360
pc with blueray via graphics card
technomate 9100 sat box

i don't have much cash :(

i have been looking at amps at about £200 from RS
Cambridge Audio AZUR 540R V2
Onkyo TXSR505
Yamaha RXV363

can anyone offer some advice please ?


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Well you seem to have them in the right order.
Cambridge Audio AZUR 540R V2, very powerful and great with music, see all reviews. And irrespective of the ratings of the other two this is the most powerful of the three, (Note 650 watts power consumption so huge power supply for this size of amp), but does lack some of the toys of the other two, if you ever get round to using them.
Onkyo TXSR505, lots of toys. HDMI and other bits, rated highly on value, and lots of people have this, will not win awards for looking good.
Yamaha RXV363, lower end of the market although a very good starter AV amp, many people have this amp as part of the AV61 starter set.


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think the only thing i might need the hdmi port for is the pc but that would be
where my blueray dvd so it might be a must have but i know very little
about this stuff

do you think the Onkyo TXSR505 would be a huge downgrade in music from the
Cambridge Audio AZUR 540R V2

i think its between these 2 now


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Unless the AV amp can decode DolbyHD there is NO need to take your PC, Blu-Ray or anything else for that matter through the Av amp. If you are running out of HDMi ports on the TV then it can be useful. Another (and in my mind a big issue) problem is by taking a souces video through the AV amp you must have the AV amp switched on for vision to work, not great if for any reason you need to keep things at a very low volume level. i.e. do not want the sound to come from the AV amp.


Standard Member
thanks i was wondering about if needed HDMI ports on the amp

im still not sure what to go for i got a RS vip email the other day saying that
i could get the ONKYO TXSR505 for £179.95

BUT i don't want to go for the cheapest and lose out on quality on stereo music

i have a Cambridge Audio A5 amp at the moment and its been great


Distinguished Member
I would either go with the CA to replace the A5 and use it for both, or get an AV receiver with front pre-outs and use the A5 to drive the fronts and the AV receiver to drive the centre, rear and sub channels. That's how I run my setup to get decent music and movie playback. Unfortunately not many budget amps have front pre-out, the Yamaha 761, Denon 1908 do.


I am certain the Cambridge is the best sounding of those receivers, and definately what I would get. If I hadn't insisted on getting the 4 HDMI inputs in my new Onkyo 606, I would probably have gone for a Cambridge 540 or 640, as they sound great.


Standard Member
just been to RS to pickup a CA 540r v2 said they only have used or display

the one on display was realy bad i have a amp thats about 10 year old
and its in better condition i wouldnt give them £50 for it tbh

anyone know of other trusty audio retailers online ?


Distinguished Member
RS are the only people to do the Cambridge amps unfortunately. Have you asked them to ship one in? I am sure they get weekly deliveries.
Have you tried calling the Chester and Preston stores?

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