What's gonna happen to SonicStage?


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I have an HD1 and SonicStage (obviously :D), does anyone know what's gonna happen to the DRM servers after Connect is turned off?

I tend to upgrade/ rebuild my PC every now and then and I have to go through the backup/ restore/ "authenticate with e-mail and password" process with SS.

I'm now getting a bit worried that when Connect goes the SS authentication servers will go too and i'll be left with all my albums (20+GB's worth @64MBit ATRAC3+, which took me months to convert when I bought my HD1 :eek:) on my harddrive but unplayable due to the DRM.

I don't think converting them to MP3 is an option as they'll take up twice the space in MP3 format, lowish quality ATRAC to MP3 sounds terrible and my HD1 won't play MP3's anyway.

Anyone know the situation?

Cheers :)

KJ Palmer

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Not too sure, but I wouldn't bet against them pulling the plug on SS, sooner rather than later. I've already converted my 40 gigs worth to MP3. I think you can use the file conversion tool in Sonicstage to convert your files to independent oma files - you can then copy these to a hard disk and import them to Sonicstage directly without resorting to the backup tool. Make sure the add copy protection box is unchecked, naturally. So you should be OK with Sonicstage for a while if you want it.

Ideally use SS4.2 for XP or 4.3 for Vista, which you can get from minidisc.org. Hope that helps.


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If memory serves me correctly, Sony did say eventually they would help people convert DRM-protected Atrac files to MP3/WMA


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Comes with a tool to convert atrac to mp3.

But sonicstage is dead replaced with Sony Media Manager for Walkman which in some ways is worse but now you can use WMP


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If memory serves me correctly, Sony did say eventually they would help people convert DRM-protected Atrac files to MP3/WMA

There is indeed a utility that will convert any unprotected (non-DRM) tracks from ATRAC to MP3. It is available for download from Sony's site, but you need do do some digging around to find it.

It is user-friendly and gives you the option to choose the bitrate to convert to and the quality of converted tracks seems to be as good as the original ATRAC files.

However, the utility does not always get the start and end points of a track right, which can be a problem if you have any gapless music. The tracks are only a very small fraction of a second out, but this is very noticeable if you are listening to an album with a regular beat.


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In my opinion, by the time Sony kills their service your HD1 will be dead anyway.
It is a HDD Walkman, HDDs do not last long, they are mechanic elements that break eventually.

I would not worry about it yet, just start saving for new flash based players.
Very soon we might see some 32GB ones.


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