Whats difference between Plasma and Digital Plasma?


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As title suggest, whats the difference?

I was all set to buy a 32" Samsung LCD then I saw a 42" Samsung Digital Plasma and was blown away!!

I want it for Sky, Normal TV and DVD (at the moment, games and PC may be a future requirement)

Anyone got one? And what are your thoughts.

The 42" Digital Plasma is the Samsung PS42S5SDX/XEU at Comet.

Also while asking whats the difference between this and the Samsung 42" LCD PS42S5HX/XEU?? Apart from the obvious ones a plasma and ones an LCD.

For my requirements which would you recommend.

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ai think it's the built in digital tuner, meaning you get all the freeview channels.


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Well I was looking at £900 then £1000 but after seeing the 42" compared with a 32" I like the thought of the 42" now! Its £1699 at Comet obviously it'll be cheaper elsewhere.

Although I'm really unsure regarding Plasma over LCD!!

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