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Howdi folks,

So many threads that i gave up searching.. i have a pretty decent hifi system but with the on set of HD etc i am giving some thought to modernising and the first contender is the amp... it may well be that i don't bother and that the 5.1 outputs from a Tosh HD XE1 are ample, but still...

Anyway, i use my Naim Nait 3R as the amp for the front 2 speakers, so i only need something to do sub, centre and rears (in the life span of this product it will never require more than 5.1)

I assume the best sound you can get from HD DVD is via HDMI into the amp and then from the amp the picture is sent via HDMI to the TV? I could ideally do with a couple of HDMI inputs (possibly 3 for some future space!)

Oh and it has to be black.... something costing less than £750 or so would be nice mind as the TV needs an upgrade too, oh and i've got to pay for the other half to go to vet school! :D

From having a look around, it seems that the Onkyo TX-SR505E etc are getting good reviews but no mention of a preout for the Naim to work as the front amp! A jump to the SR705E provides this but at a sizeable cost... are there really so few amps with pre outs out there!?


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Having just read the link in this thread: http://www.avforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=609984

It seems that i don't need HDMI to transmit the sound anyway, i can just use the existing analogue inputs on my Yamaha... therefore would i actually gain anything in the sound? Apart from the obvious fact that it's a much newer product which will have moved the game on and that i CAN use HDMI to transmit the sound to the amp...


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