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Aug 28, 2000
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Good Afternoon, Everyone,

Just a short-ish update for you this month, as I'm currently in the middle of a pile of essays for my uni course. Apologies, but I hope you will understand.

Those of you who have subscribed to Sky Movies will find that the Sky Movie packages and the Sky Movie channels themselves are going to change, as of approximately 6am on Wednesday 4th April. Both the names, channel numbers and transmission times all change, and these are as follows:

You will no longer receive Sky Movies 1-10, nor Sky Cinema 1 and 2. Instead, you will have:
- Sky Movies Premiere (301 – airs the same films each day for one week, from Saturdays to Fridays, 4pm-2am only),
- Sky Movies Premiere +1 (302 – as above, but just one hour behind, 5pm-3am only),
- Sky Movies Comedy (303 – 24hrs),
- Sky Movies Action/Thriller (304 – 24hrs),
- Sky Movies Family (305 – 24hrs, but nothing higher than a 12 certificate),
- Sky Movies Drama (306 – 24hrs),
- Sky Movies Sci-Fi/Horror (307 – 4pm-6am),
- Sky Movies Classics (308 – showing films generally made between 1900-1980 approx, 24hrs),
- Sky Movies Modern Greats (309 – showing films generally made after 1980, 24hrs),
- Sky Movies Indie (310 – showing rare, unusual, Independent and Foreign-Language movies, 4pm-7am), and then, if you are a Hi-Def subscriber you will also get Sky Movies HD1 (311 – 11am-3am) and Sky Movies HD2 (312 – 11am-3am) as well.

Some of these channels may also show age-restricted films from 5pm, but these will always be PIN-encoded, so you must know your Sky PIN number, if you don't want kids to see anything they shouldn't (or if you want to watch these films during the daytime). Whether the PIN function will affect Sky+ recordings or not, is still to be confirmed, but bearing in mind what happened before when the previous EPG software upgrade caused everyone a lot of hassle, having to enter a PIN number for any show/movie that was shown after 9pm, expect there to be some problems initially.

As for the packages themselves, if you already subscribe to the entire movie package, then you need do nothing further. Ditto, if you are a Sky HD user, who subscribes to all the movie channels. However, for everyone else, Sky now offers you the chance to subscribe to one of two separate movie packages, if you so wish. The channels are divided into one of two packages. Details are still being decided by Sky. You should telephone Sky directly, if you wish to subscribe just to one or other of the two new movie packages. Exact pricing information is still to be confirmed.

As some of you have noticed, “Jericho” appears to have disappeared from the usual Friday and Sunday night slots on Hallmark. This is because of the Spring break in the original US transmissions. As Hallmark is not allowed to air any episodes before they've been shown in the US, Hallmark have had to delay the rest of Season 1 from being broadcast over here, until the show ends its run in the US. Hallmark are hoping to continue the rest of Season 1 from June or July 2007, albeit in a different time-slot.

Saturday 31st March
NEW: Doctor Who – 7:00-7:45pm
First episode of Series 3, and we get to meet the Doctor's new companion, Martha Jones. Episodes are repeated 24 hours later, over on BBC3, each Sunday evening at 7pm also. Show also airing on the BBC HD channel. (BBC1)

FILM: Memories Of Murder (15) – 10:35pm-12:45am
True-life Korean crime drama gets its UK TV premiere. Strong violence and some strong language. In Korean with English Subtitles. (BBC4)

FILM: Batman (15) – 11:25pm-1:45am
Late-night, fully-uncut version of the darkly gothic reinterpretation of the classic comic-book hero, from Tim Burton. Batman goes head-to-head against arch-nemesis the Joker, (played with typical aplomb by Jack Nicholson), and the two find they have more in common than they realise, leading to a violent and uncomforting ride around Gotham City. Contains some strong violence and some brief gore. Showing in a compromised 1.85:1 format. (Channel 4)

FILM: Heat (15) – 12:10-3:25am
Premiere of the acclaimed Michael Mann crime-epic starring Al Pacino and Robert De Niro, as a LA crime boss goes up against the head of the LA Police Department. An exceptional, if lengthy, drama, with very strong language throughout and strong violence throughout. Showing uncut, and possibly in the correct 2.35:1 widescreen ratio! :clap: Repeated on Sunday at 10pm.(FX)

FILM: The Toolbox Murders (18) – 12:50-2:45am
UK TV Premiere of the original, fully-uncut and uncensored, widescreen version of the notorious 1978 video nasty, about a serial killer who loves a bit of DIY slaughter, as he prowls the streets of New York. A thoroughly grubby, downbeat movie, full of salacious and misogynistic violence, plus explicit gore (even by today's standards), but nonetheless, a cult exploitation classic, and worth seeing once to see what our state censors got so worked-up about. Be warned, however: you will probably feel like taking a long shower/bath after viewing this seedy little flick! (Zone Horror)

The Dark Zone – 1:00-2:30am
All digital viewers should note that episodes have a forced on-screen signer for deaf and hard-of-hearing audiences. (Five)

Alias – 2:30-4:00am
All digital viewers should note that episodes have a forced on-screen signer for deaf and hard-of-hearing audiences. (Five)

Sunday 1st April
NEW: Points Of View – 5:55-6:10pm
The viewers comments show returns for another series. Expect a few messages regarding a certain animated sheep! :D (BBC1)

FILM: Night Of The Living Dead Double Bill (18) – 11:00pm-2:25am
Fancy a back-to-back evening of gore? Well, here's your chance. Starting with the ultra-gory, but also quite impressive 1990 remake, starring Patricia Tallman (Lyta Alexander from “Babylon 5” fame), followed at 12:35am with the George A Romero black-and-white original, which is still as effectively eerie as when it originally came out in 1968. Both films are not for the faint of heart, are showing fully uncut, and feature very strong violence, explicit gore and scenes that some viewers may find disturbing. (Sci-Fi)

Dragons' Den – 11:30pm-12:30am
A second chance to see the final episode from the most recent series, with the Dragons' looking at a new and complex puzzle, and an unusual power-saving plug device. Also includes brief highlights of some of the recent success stories, including the Reggae Reggae Sauce guy! (BBC2)

NEW: The Larry Sanders Show – 1:15-1:45am
Popular, acerbic US comedy returns to the UK, courtesy of ITV4. No further details regarding which episode is being aired. Also showing late on Monday night at 1:45am. (ITV4)

FILM: Cannibal! The Musical (18) – 2:45-4:40am
Late-night showing of the cult horror-comedy movie from Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the two twisted minds behind the animated comedy show “South Park”. Expect plenty of toilet humour, very strong language, violence, gore and nudity, as well as some other material that may not be to everyone's taste. Showing uncut and in the original 4:3 format. (Zone Horror)

Monday 2nd
The OC – 8:55-9:55am

First of four random Season 1 and 2 episodes, from when Marissa was still in the show, and it was actually still enjoyable. (Is anyone else finding Season 4 a load of old tosh?) Episodes 2-4 air over the next three days at approximately the same time. Expect some censorship cuts, for alcohol use or brief sexual material. (Channel 4)

Roswell – 7:00-8:00pm
Start of a Season 1 repeat run, of this enjoyable mix of teen-drama and sci-fi adventure. Hopefully, this time around, all of the episodes will be shown, and cross your fingers that Seasons 2 and 3 follow. Fans should note that the TV versions differ to the DVD releases. For the DVD, the music was altered, due to copyright issues, meaning that much of the pop and rock music you originally heard, only appears in the TV episodes! I believe this also applies to the original Dido them-tune too! :eek: You may want to set your recorders for these. Episodes air each weekday at 7pm only. There are no repeats scheduled. (Sci-Fi)

NEW: Tru Calling – 8:00-9:00pm
New to the Sci-Fi Channel, comes this enjoyable, but short-lived US fantasy drama, starring Eliza Dushku as Tru, a young woman who works in a morgue, and discovers that the dead can speak to her. When a new corpse arrives, Tru realises they can communicate with her. Upon this shocking discovery, she is asked for “help” from the deceased, only to be sent back in time to try and prevent the death occurring! An interesting show, that lasted one full season of 20 episodes, and a very short Second season, lasting just 6 more. Showing in a compromised 4:3 format! Some scenes may distress younger viewers. Episodes air each weekday at 8pm, with a next day weekday repeat at 5pm. (Sci-Fi)

SCHEDULE CHANGE: New Street Law – Various Times
After a messy scheduling of the past few weeks worth of episodes, the series finale changes to a different day for some regions. (BBC1 – not for England viewers! See Wednesday night!)

NEW: The Salem Witch Trials – 11:00pm-12:35am
First of a two-part true-life drama, about a group of girls accused of being witches in the Bible-belt town of Salem in the USA, at the height of the 1600's. Contains some adult material. Not suitable for under-15's. Part two airs Tuesday night. Also showing again on Thursday and Friday night, this week. (FiveLife)

FILM: Tai-Pan (18) – 12:15-2:25am
Bryan Brown and Joan Chen star in this film adaptation of the James Clavell samurai/sea-faring novel, set in the 1840's. Not bad considering this was made for US-TV, and considering the original novel, but it should have been so much more. This is the sequel to “Shogun”. Contains some sexual material, strong language and violence. Showing uncut and in the original 1.78:1 widescreen ratio. (BBC1)

Tuesday 3rd
NEW: Killer Instinct – 11:00pm-Midnight

First of a new US crime drama about a pair of San Francisco detectives deal with freaky, dark and/or disturbing crimes. Interesting if flawed show, and as seems to be the norm, was killed-off after just 16 episodes. Contains some material that may disturb. Previously shown on Five. Next episode tomorrow night at 10pm, with a repeat each Tuesday night. (FiveUS)

FILM: 28 Days Later (18) – 10:40pm-12:55am
British horror thriller about a plague that infects the population of the UK, as a young man finds himself all alone in the capital, having to fend for himself, after a virulent strain of a new bacterium is injected into some primates who have been let loose from an animal testing laboratory. Worth watching, with some good scares, but the ending is a complete let-down. A sequel, “28 Weeks Later” comes to UK cinemas, in May 2007. Contains strong violence, a gruesome opening sequence and some scenes that may disturb. Showing uncut. (Film4)

NEW: Kidnapped – 11:05pm-12:45am
Episode 4 of this six-part mini-series about the kidnapping of a wealthy magnate's teenage son. An impressive show, if I do say so myself! Please note the time-change, from the normal scheduling! (Channel 4)

Wednesday 4th
FILM: The Adventures Of Robin Hood (U) – 12:35-2:25pm

The classic 1938 version with Errol Flynn and Olivia DeHaviland as Robin and Marian, as the tale of the band of merry Sherwood Forest adventurers is told. Fantastic family entertainment, although children may find the film a tad slow and dated for their tastes. In colour. Showing in the original 4:3 format. Some very mild sword-fighting violence. (Channel 4)

JAG – 6:00-8:00pm
Special two-part story, from Season 8, (episodes entitled “Ice Queen” and “Meltdown”), that introduces viewers to the crew of the “NCIS” spin-off TV show, where Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs heads a team of investigators. Harm and the rest of the Judge Advocacy General Corps, is forced to join Gibbs and his team to find out why a Naval officer died under mysterious circumstances. But things aren't quite what they seem, and soon, Harm himself is being put on trial. Alongside this, Gibbs investigates an Islamic terrorist, Amad Bin Atwa, in the hopes of averting an attack on US-soil. But are the two cases linked? Recommended for JAG and NCIS fans! (FX)

FILM: The Incredible Hulk Returns (PG) – 6:30-8:30pm
Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno star in this feature-length episode from the classic 1980's TV series. I'm not quite sure why Zone Horror has this scheduled, but it's a fun film, if somewhat cheesy. Still, it's good for you adults who want to relive your youth, with the big green giant! Just don't make him mad! :rotfl: Repeated on Thursday at 1:30pm. (Zone Horror)

Jane Austen: Behind The Scenes – 9:00-10:00pm
If you've enjoyed any of the three recent ITV1 adaptations of various of Jane Austen's works, then you may like this behind-the-scenes documentary looking at the making and shooting of them. (ITV3)

SCHEDULE CHANGE: New Street Law – 10:40-11:40pm
After a messy scheduling of the past few weeks worth of episodes, the series finale changes to a late-night time-slot, for some parts of the UK! :rolleyes: (BBC1, except in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland where you should check both tonight's and Monday nights schedules!)

Thursday 5th
FILM: The Trial Of The Incredible Hulk (PG) – 6:30-8:30pm

More big green giant action, with the scientist with an intriguingly angry alternate persona. If my memory serves, this may be the episode that introduced the Marvel comic book hero Daredevil for a planned US TV spin-off show, that never materialised. Repeated on Friday at 1:30pm. (Zone Horror)

Friday 6th – Good Friday
FILM: Cowboy Bebop: The Movie (12) – 12:20-2:45pm

Superbly entertaining Japanese anime film that blends comedy, sci-fi and adventure into one classy movie. A rag-tag group of bounty hunters, who get caught-up trying to make some easy money, have to catch one of the galaxy's Most Wanted criminals. Things, however, don't go according to plan, and two of the bounty hunters are forced into an uncompromising situation, which doesn't go down well with either of them, or the police who are hot on their trail… for numerous illegal escapades. Very funny, very cool, and a brilliant blend of jazz and futuristic rock music, help make this anime movie a really good film to watch, even if you've never seen the TV series of the same name. Contains swearing, some violence, some sexual material, and some risqué humour. Showing uncut and in Japanese with English Subtitles, but in a not-too-bad-looking 4:3 print. (Originally shot in a 1.77:1 widescreen format, so you don't loose too much picture!) Highly Recommended! (Sci-Fi)
FILM: Watership Down (U) – 12:50-2:25pm
If you want to traumatise your kids this Easter, sit them down with this dark, and really not-that-cute animated fable, about a band of rabbits on the run as they look for a new home somewhere safe from Man. There are moments of fluffiness in this movie, that kids (and adults) will fawn over, but parents should also be warned that some scenes in the film take a much more uncompromising turn, and don't hesitate to show the death of some of the rabbits, in what is a pretty unadulterated vision! A brilliant animated feature, with the famous song by Art Garfunkel “Bright Eyes”, but probably not for unaccompanied youngsters. Despite the U certificate, this really isn't aimed at the very young, and contains distressing scenes that will certainly frighten many children! Best watched with parental accompaniment. (Channel 4)

Manchester Passion – 7:00-8:00pm
First shown last year, this is the superb retelling of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, as originally performed live on the streets of Manchester city centre in 2006. Narrated and compered by Keith Allen, this is a brilliantly innovative version of the classical Biblical story, fused with modern-day Brit-pop music. Even if you have no religious convictions, this is still Highly Recommended, for being an impressive 60-minutes of television drama. Contains brief strong language that may have been removed for this transmission. (The original live performance, went out uncut… complete with the naughty words at 7pm! :nono: :rotfl: ) (BBC3)

NEW: Conviction – 9:00-10:00pm
Previously shown on FiveUS, this interesting legal drama, is a loosely-based spin-off of “Law And Order”, from “Law And Order's” original creator, Dick Wolf, and starring “Law And Order: Special Victims Unit” actress Stephanie March as Assistant District Attorney Bureau Chief, Alexandra Cabot heading a team of new, young and hopelessly messed-up lawyers trying to get their work and personal lives sorted out. (If you haven't seen Seasons 5 and 6 of “L&O: SVU”, then you won't understand why Cabot is now heading-up her own team, so I won't spoil it for you all, by telling you why! If you do want to know, PM me for the details!) Enjoyable show, which tackles some interesting legal scenarios, helped by a great opening theme tune, and some brilliant script-writing. Sadly, another show that was cancelled, after just 13 episodes, but worth watching nonetheless. Recommended. Showing here, in the compromised 4:3 format. (The show should be in 1.85:1 widescreen!) Repeated tonight at Midnight. Series continues each Friday. (Halmark)

NCIS Triple Bill – 9:00pm-Midnight
If you're eager to see the start of Season 4, then you may want to watch these final three episodes from Season 3, to remind you of what's happened so far. Season 4 starts next week at 10:00pm – a week later than originally planned. (FX)

- 7th Heaven (US teen drama – Season 11 comes to Hallmark from 9am on Tuesday 10th, repeated the same day at 6pm)

- Stephen King's Desperation (Three-part, movie-length mini-series based on te King novel of the same name, comes to Sci-Fi from Thursday 12th at 9pm, for the next three Thursday evenings. Each episode is 2 hours, including adverts!)

- Rome (Season 1 comes to UKTV Drama, from Saturday 14th. No details as to whether or not this will be the edited BBC edition, or the uncut DVD edition. However, either way, it will not be airing in Widescreen. Episodes will air each Saturday night. Season 2 will hopefully come to BBC2 in July/August 2007!)

- Psych (Season 1 of a new US drama, about a novice sleuth with special medium-like powers, makes its UK debut on Hallmark, from Friday 27th at 9pm, with a weekly repeat each Sunday at 8pm.)

And there you have it people! That's another week's worth of TV, plus a few extras to keep you occupied over the month, and it's only 3:18am, as I type this! :eek: :eek:

Well, I'm off to bed. See you next month!

nice one ,dont forget a new series of jim'll fix it lol on ukgold thursday.
Thanks pooch, fantastic detail as usual

Also huff season 2 starts on FX this thursday, I think it kicks off at midnight.
Thanks pooch, fantastic detail as usual

Also huff season 2 starts on FX this thursday, I think it kicks off at midnight.

Its already been shown once (and its not a patch on the first series - I got bored after about half a dozen episodes)

I wonder if Hallmark were unaware of the 6 week break when they started to show this series, which has improved as the season progressed. Hallmark are advertising it as returning on 11th May, with a making-of on 4th May.


I have the pilot marked as a watch and record for 27th April on Hallmark. Sky Movies are showing what I suspect is the same pilot episode as a film. I've recorded it so I can check. It is very entertaining.

Thanks to everyone for their messages and comments. Some bad news, however...

... It looks like Five have been given the all-clear to start airing "Quiz Call" in the overnight, graveyard timeslots on Five, FiveUS and FiveLife, as neither "The Dead Zone" nor "Alias" aired on Five last night, despite remaining on the Sky EPG listings. Next Saturday night, "Quiz Call" is listed instead, which seems to imply that the 3-weekends worth of US drama we've been enjoying has no gone Au Revoir! :mad: I'll try to get in touch with Five directly, and see what's going to happen.

Lastly, if you've seen the cryptic 10-second promo adverts for "Code Black, Easter Sunday, Five", then I can reveal all. Only highlight, if you want to know what it actually means...

Straight from ABC's press tour: A few tidbits about Grey's Anatomy and its upcoming Super Bowl Sunday episode (which aired a few weeks back in the USA)!

Get ready for a super-sized Grey's Anatomy! What is "Code Black?" Kate Walsh (Dr Addison) states, "It's bad. It's real bad." One of the most anticipated episodes of the Sunday night drama Grey's Anatomy is due to arrive right after the Super Bowl, and it will definitely be one to watch. Shonda Rhimes, creator and executive producer, specifically planned this episode knowing it could possibly be the Super Bowl episode, but also knowing this episode would air no matter what the circumstances were.

As imagined from the title, much of the episode will be reminiscent of the disaster ER-type episodes we have seen in the past, and the clip shown during ABC's press tour proves just that. However, it will still contain the components that we have all grown to love in Grey's Anatomy, like the relationships between the characters.

Whether these relationships are questionable, undoubtedly audiences have a plethora of characters to root for, or openly despise. Like "The Nazi" played by Chandra Wilson, who revealed her impending motherhood will not change her character one bit. Rhimes gushed, "What's lovely about Dr. Bailey is that she says the stuff that I'd always think that my mother would say, in the sense that she's the voice of common sense amongst a lot of people who are dealing with a lot of other things other than work. She's sort of the person who smacks you back into realizing there are lives at stake. But I also think there are so many complexities to that character that, yeah, I mean we might see more about her personal life if it will feel right."

Or perhaps T.R. Knight, who very cautiously was warned by Isaiah Washington as T.R. began to discuss his relationship between his character, George, and Meredith. T.R. mentions, "Whatever happens with George as far as Meredith is concerned, I think by this point in the game, because the very first thing out of his mouth was expressing his feelings for her, so by this point and as we're getting to the Super Bowl...the last half of the season...this is going to speak volumes about his character."

Aside from that, it sounds like we will have to tune in, because Rhimes has been at it again sending her memos threatening the repercussions of saying too much about Grey's Anatomy's storylines. As Wilson states, "It's a code black."

Well, it could be interesting, or a complete pile of poo, but either way, it sounds unusual! :clap:

Hi Pooch,

Many thanks for all the information. Since I subscribe to the full Movies package, it would have been quite a shock to suddenly see the new arrangement. I hate change!

I'm looking forward to "Desperation" and "Psych". If only my husband liked sci fi life would be so easy. I usually have to record this so that he can get chance to see his rugby, cricket, documentaries and news.

I know you've little time, but please could you let me know if the recent repeat of "Tru Calling" on Sky One (finished last week) included the episodes from Series 2? I still have three episodes to watch. "Now and Again" and "Tru Calling" are just one of many series that have been axed. It usually happens to the programmes I like.

Also Pooch, I have seen "Murder in the Outback" promoted for end of this month showing. Do you know anything about this? Thank you.
Hi Cynthia,

I know you've little time, but please could you let me know if the recent repeat of "Tru Calling" on Sky One (finished last week) included the episodes from Series 2? I still have three episodes to watch. "Now and Again" and "Tru Calling" are just one of many series that have been axed. It usually happens to the programmes I like. Also Pooch, I have seen "Murder in the Outback" promoted for end of this month showing. Do you know anything about this? Thank you.

1 - The recent showings of "Tru Calling" on both Sky 1 and Sky 3 have, to my knowledge, only been showing Season 1. The 6 episodes that make-up Season 2 will be shown soon. Sci-Fi are also only airing Season 1, as far as I know.

2 - "Murder In The Outback" is due to air on ITV1 sometime in mid-April. There are a total of 2 two-hour (or 90-minutes without ads) episodes, so it's likely to be shown over one weekend, or a couple of consecutive nights. The story is based on the 2001 abduction of Peter Falconio outside Barrow Creek, Australia, and covers a similar case to that of the Australian horror movie "Wolf Creek", but without so much gore and brutality!

During an outback trek with girlfriend Joanne Lees, the two British travellers were set upon by an abductor. Lees escaped into the dark of night to live and tell the horror. But like Lindy Chamberlain, her lack of emotion gave rise to a trial by media, fascinated by the grim hallmarks of the case: the desert, backpackers, a killer, isolation, the tyranny of distance. The first hour is dominated by the terror of the crime through Lees' (Joanne Froggatt) eyes. Surrounding this fish out of water are larger-than-life Aussie outback characters. Think small town, peering eyes, unfriendly faces, slightly askew townsfolk. The second hour focusses more on the courtroom proceedings via her legal team. Playing these roles are Bryan Brown, Asher Keddie and Tom Long. John Wood features as the defence.

Hi Pooch,

Many thanks for answering my questions in such detail. It's good to know we still have the curtailed No.2 series of "Tru Calling" to be aired.

I was hoping that "Psych" was a series after reading Barbara's post. I know it will be suitably scary. I well remember "Wolf Creek"; that was so frightening, and I was watching it on my own. I think I covered my eyes half the time.

I see Bryan Brown is in Psych, he seems to appear in everything from Australia!

Appreciate your advice and hope the essays aren't too taxing, even for our movie buff.
I was hoping that "Psych" was a series after reading Barbara's post. I know it will be suitably scary. I well remember "Wolf Creek"; that was so frightening, and I was watching it on my own. I think I covered my eyes half the time.

I see Bryan Brown is in Psych, he seems to appear in everything from Australia!


Psych on Hallmark is a series. It isn't scary (at least as far as I know) and the start time of 7pm and 8pm suggests it is family viewing. The pilot is certainly very entertaining. It is a comedy about a couple of private detectives. I can't find any episode with Bryan Brown. The main character is called Shawn and played by James Roday who doesn't seem to have been in anything noteworthy, unless you count Miss Match. The sidekick (Gus) is played by Dule Hill from The West Wing.

Psych is due to start on Friday night at 7pm on Hallmark, with a probable repeat over the weekend (Sunday evenings?), but the good news is that BBC2 will be airing the show later in the year as well. :clap:


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