Whats Bigger?




Simple question but don't have anything to compare with...........

...........Whats bigger 17" widescreen or 19" 4:3???????

TV for the bedroom about 10/12ft from bed.



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19" 4:3

Probably too small for the room especially if its 10/12ft + length of bed



Its actually 10/12' from eyeball to screen!

I've got an old 19" 4:3 TV now and its only a foot or so closer than that at the moment and for watching TV before you sleep its OK.

I'm just in the process of finding a Monitor with TV tuner to double up with a pc.


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From memory I remember a 28" widescreen being approximately as tall as a 25" 4:3 set, so working back you'll need approx a 21" WS for it to be the same height set as a 19" display!!

Now if you're wondering about a WS picture on a 19" set, then I'd say a 19" 4:3 set would be around 15.2" across, and 11.4" vertically.

Now a 15.2" across screen would only show a 8.6" high widescreen picture, and would therefore be around a 17.5" diagonal.. and so just slightly bigger than the WS set :)

If watching full screen (4:3) images then the 19" display would be bigger, but if you're watching widescreen (16:9) images then they'd be approximately the same size.. only the 17" set wouldn't have the borders (and could be arguably better quality too)!!

Hope that helps :)

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