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whats better prov+ or avertvbox3

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by john kelly, Jun 11, 2003.

  1. john kelly

    john kelly

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    can anyone tell me what is better the prov+ or the avertvbox 3.

    the boxes claim to improve the picture quality by ouputing in xga, what does sky and cable boxes output in does any one know.

    i have my tv put into my hitachi plasma via the sky box but the picture quality is not crisp will one of these boxes improve this?:clap:
  2. briandzo

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    Dec 12, 2002
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    Newbury , Berkshire
    Sky outputs in either

    RF (the worst case)
    Composite (slightly better)
    RGB (the best and the connection you should be using)

    RGB is via the scart lead & you should enable RGB in the sky menu's.

    you wont get xga svga or any other format out of your sky box.

    You can improve your sky signal by buying the following.

    JS scart to component converter (£140)
    Iscan Ultra (£530)
    leads (£80 upwards)

    I have this setup and sky looks fantastic.
    All the moaning and groaning that goes on within these forums about sky image is dissapointing.

    As I have never seen sky look so impressive on any CRT set
    as it does on my setup.

    Sky is totally crisp. you can see every single little blemish on the actors faces. You can see the makeup smudge lines on womans faces. You can see those fine bearded hairs on ol granny's chins.
    The flesh tones are spot on........

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