Whats better, 50G10 + scaler or 50v10?


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Hi guys i have a budget of around £1500 and am thinking whats the best option. I use ps3, sky hd for sports and general viewing.
I know the main difference is THX certified or whatever but surely a better picture quality would be obtained with the scaler. I could still calibrate the G10 to a basic level is that correct?
Help appreciated


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I'd side with the V10 actually.

The area where the Panasonic processing falls down is mainly with upscaling of film based content. If you have a decent Blu-Ray player, that will do a much better job of upscaling DVD than many televisions. Most don't even have a source direct mode anyway, so will automatically scale DVD. Any current model does a good job compared to budget-comparable external scalers. A scaler which can correct the colour issues of the G10 will cost a lot more than the extra the V10 will set you back.

Decent scaling of broadcast TV would be nice, but not so much of a problem as the source isn't that great anyway. So whilst it won't get the best out of really decent quality broadcasts, it'll do a good job of hiding how sub-par a lot of others are.

To me, the improved colour and gamma accuracy is worth the extra cost of the V10 alone, and the much nicer design (including the slimmer depth) and the network features are a nice extra.

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