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Was looking at 20" LCD widescreen monitors to use with my PC - budget around £260. However, looking a little in the future, I thought they would be OK for XBox 360. Assistant said they would not really show the full potential of XBox, and said I would need to look at HD version, which would probably cost double. Is this just a sales pitch? If not, are there any decent 20" monitors/units that would double up for use on PC & Xbox. Thanks


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Thanks - looks good, but at 26", just too big for the den. My wife (the accountant) would flip. It's got to sit on a desk so 20" is probably biggest screen size.


It's sales flannel, and that's being nice about it. HD is 1280x720, and all 20" LCD monitors will be a higher resolution than that so in effect can easilly display a HD signal. If running the 360 through one of these monitors then the monitor will scale the image to fill the screen, I used my Dell 2405 with my 360 through component and VGA and even with the image scaled to fill the 1920x1200 resolution it was still impressive.

I'd recommend going for a widescreen model as that has the correct aspect ratio, and the 19" Hanns G models get good reviews and costs about £120. The one below has DVI for your PC and VGA for connecting the 360.


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