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Question Whats best ?? HDMI or Cat 6 ?


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Ok ive already put a post up that i want to go up to a 4k projector.. Now my old screen motor has had it so getting a new screen, Now this means ive got to get the cable out of the coving, Not that much of a problem.. But the Old hdmi to the projector is old so was gonna update that wile i have the bit of the coving off. Ok the hdmi length is 10 meters .. So as there is no 2.2. hdmi out yet il just get a 2.0 for now.. But ive been looking around and see that the max should be 8 meters for hdmi.. the projector is 14 foot away from the screen. So would it still be ok if i get say a 15 meter hdmi ? Or a cat 6 cable with HDMI Cable Extender HDMI to HDMI via Cat5/Cat6.

Thanks for your help.



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Both.... put in your 15m HDMI cables but also run at least 3 CAT6 cables to cover yourself.

Or just not bother with the HDMI (but most people say 15m ones work fine so I'd put one in anyway). If you're putting in CAT6 use good quality converters like ones @Joe Fernand sells. I say 3 cables as if you're doing a dual CAT6 -> HDMI setup, you have a spare cable (if going HDBaseT which is the latest technology it'll only use 1 cable so you have 2 spare).

Quality should be the same but CAT6 *should* be more future proof.


(PS - I wouldn't put my mortgage on those CAT6/HDMI converters you pictured)


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Thanks for the info.. yes them converters do look a bit pants. lol im new to the cat 5/6 thing.. never knew you could use them. lol

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