What's a good starter set of Amp & Speakers for £300?


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Hi all,

I've currently got the following setup in my living room:

Sony Bravia KDL32D3000
Toshiba SD-330E DVD Player
iPod Classic 60Gb in cheap-ish dock with remote

I'm looking for a starter amp & speakers for about £300 that I can hook them into. Does anyone have any recommendations?

I understand from other threads that a 3.5mm to RCA lead will be fine for connecting the iPod. Are there any other suggestions on interconnects for my setup overall?

What I'm looking for out of this system is a boost to the TV's audio when watching movies through DVD or Sky+ (2 channels is fine, I don't want the clutter and cables with multi-channel) and to finally hear the music from my iPod with some bass and depth, instead of from a pair of tinny 5w speakers!


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Hi there,

£300 budget is very low for a full 5.1 system. You could be beter going for a stero system. All you will need is amp and a pair of speakers you should be able to get somit decent for that budget, check out cambride audio amps at richer sounds, they also got the mordaunt short 902 speakers for £99 bargin in my oppinon, i had a pair for a few years and loved them. Cambridge audio and mordaunt short work very well together. You can use ur ipod, conect sound source from dvd player, and connect the tv somehow n get a lovely sound.


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Thanks for the response - yes I'm looking for an amp & speakers (2 channel) not 5.1.

CA kit seems to get good reviews on here, and the CA + Mordaunt deal at RS seems like good value.

I understand it's better to spend more on the amp than speakers, so £99 for the Mordaunts would leave £200 for an amp.

Anyone got a view on a good quality amp for £200?


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depending on what you intend to do in the future the TEAC cr215 lifestyle system (£130 on RS) combined with the 902is would sound pretty good I would imagine, or at the price you are looking at if you only need an amp the Cambridge audio Azur range seem to be pretty well looked upon


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Thanks for the advice, it sounds like a trip to RS to test some amp/speaker combos is the way forward!



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£300 on new gear doesn't get *that* much

£300 on used gear opens up more options..... if that's viable then let me/us know!

I've personally found Kef Q15 (and the later Q15.2) a great speaker for use in systems similar to yours, the tweeter gives a stunning soundstage from a 2 channel system... the Q35 (floorstander equivalent) can be had for around £100 on eBay too obviously adding more/deeper bass, leaving you £200 to buy something like an Arcam A75 if you can find one in budget.

You've then acquired approximately £900 worth of gear that was excellent in it's day (and still sounds great now) within your budget....

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