What's a good 2nd hand system?

Tom Tom

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So I'm moving house in April, currently have an onkyo tx-sr505e system with a sub I bought 2nd hand from the forums. My main speakers are some now very old mission speakers I've had since I started back in about 95.

I'm looking at a smaller footprint, with an amp that will work process the hdmi sound (my amp currently just passes it through).

Speakers that are not so big on the wall. I know my friend has Bose speakers that are small and I've seen Cambridge audio ones at richer sounds.

I'm just looking to get some ideas of reasonably priced systems I can replace my current system with. 2nd hand from here is preferable as new will get expensive?



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what is your budget?

are you looking for small bookshelf speakers or satellite speakers?

are you looking for a new sub?

are you looking for a 2.1 or 5.1?

Tom Tom

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Around £500 (It was more trying to see how much I need to have.)

Something like this idea, So I think satellite

Not specifically looking for a new sub, but if it was a package, I'd be happy to upgrade/replace it.

5.1 would be nice having only had 2.1 previously.

I am not the hifi purest I was at 16 so where I had it set up, measured to a listening position now it's just something that is a reasonable sound and not too intrusive in the new room.

This is not urgent, but I kind of want to know what to keep an eye on in the forums so that once the new house is built and we move in, I can get a better idea of what costs I might be looking at.


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If you go second hand it's possible to put together a 5.1 system for £100 but the reciever will unlikely be better than your existing one.

I would keep your avr, invest in some speakers, upgrade the sub at a later date if you're not happy with it and use your existing speakers as rear speakers.

The new Mission LX mark 2 range. Any pair and any centre should be an upgrade and are not fussy on amp matching. I used to have the LX 1 speakers and I hooked them up to different amps and they still sound surprisingly good on an old budget avr.

A pair of LX1 mrk 1s and the matching LX c1 centre are within budget and be an upgrade.

Satellite speakers such as Cambridge Audio MiNx imo are way overpriced for what they are. If you have the space traditional bookshelves would outperform them in everything, movies, music, etc.

There are satellites based systems such as wharfedale dx2 and very good quality systems from the likes of Canton and Elac if you're really short on space.
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Tom Tom

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I think I want to upgrade the amp just because the hdmi does not get processed in amp.

So I have to use a few hdmi to the TV and then use optical cables from the TV to the amp.

However, I think I'm keep an eye on the classifieds and as you say anything I get 2nd will be an upgrade.

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