What's a good 28 or 32 inch TV for under £700?


Glenn Keen

I was just asked about this from a friend at work. He's under the impression that I know a lot about this subject!

Whilst I do know a fair bit about this and i did do masses of research when I was looking for a new 36inch TV (ended up getting a plasma due to all the problems with the bigger TV''s), I would be interested in the views of people on this forum as you all seam to kno waht your talking about!:p

So what Widescreen TV under £700 ! I beleive you can get some of the older 32inch ones for this price, but any suggestions would be great. Then I can go and do a little more research!

Thanks for any help,


I would go for a good quality 28 inch at this price rather than a cheaper chicken 32 inch. Quality over quantity. I like the Toshiba 28ZD26, but then I'm biased :D


Comet (arrggh!) are doing the SONY KV28LS60U (28", 100Hz, 2 x RGB scart) with stand and delivery for approx. £600.
This is probably the only decent quality set that can be had with 2 x RGB SCART and 100Hz at this price- you seems to always have to stick with 1 x RGB SCART); it is well regarded by the AV press, although not a class leader, but makes good value for money imho.


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unbeatable.co.uk are actually doing the KV28LS60 for about £570 (inc. delivery) packaged with a Sony DVD player. The combo is actually £40 cheaper than the TV alone, which I don't quite understand.

I assume there's a catch somewher :confused:

Spinning Plates

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How are Unbeatable for delivery times? It says on there site 7-14 days. I ask because i have ordered the Sony KV32LS60/DVPNS305 package from Argos 4 WEEKS ago and they have already charged my card back when i ordered.

Im thinking about cancelling my order with Argos (they say sometime on the 16th of this month) and ordering from Unbeatable so i can get the set in time for Xmas and save a further £90 on what i have already been charged by Argos.

Good idea?

Glenn Keen

Thanks for that info!

Any more suggestions?


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