whats 720p and how do i get it?


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i have a ae500
sony 930 dvd player
component leads

what dvd player would do the 720p with the leads i have


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You may have to settle for 480p or 576p from a DVD player.
Some players that have DVI or HDMI can output 720p.
Another option is to use a separate scaler.

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My dvr50 can output 720p via the component leads (which my AE500 accepts) - The projector states 750p/50 as it's input and you can see all the Jamo menus fine (I only use a component cable).

Normally need a DVI cable but can sometimes get via component, give it a go and see


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Toshiba, Panasonic and Sony all have DVD players planned for 2004 that will provide 720p and 1080i.

This would be probably through DVI on your panny.

I'd sit tight for a few months.




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You might also consider using a video processor with your current DVD player. Something like the iScan HD will get the absolute best out of your DVD player, it can connect to the projector via DVI or component, and you can apply the same video processing to your other sources too (e.g. Sky, Freeview etc).

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