Whatever happened to the Red Dwarf movie?


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I remember reading about it some 5 years ago, and yet nothing seems to have appeared. Did it get canned?


LOL... A red dwarf movie. I would love too see this. It must of been canned.

Indiana Jones

Last time I met Craig Charles I asked him about the movie and he just said to ask Chris Barrie lol
I got the impression I wasent the first person to ask him that day about the film so it seems like even the actors themselfs dont exactly know what is going on with it.


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If it turned out as pish poor as the abominable Hitchiker film, then i for one am glad it's been canned!


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there's actually an amusing fan made short movie on one of the red dwarf dvd's about the crap they've been going through trying to get this movie made. at one point a rich benefactor offered them a huge wad of cash to make the movie, as long as they paid all his expenses to come and see them about it, but he turned out to be a fraudster..
Been following this sice announced

The problem is funding it will cost about £10 million

They got an some americans interested but they did not want the orginal cast in the film and even mentioned hugh grant as lister!!!

After Hitch hikers guide to the galaxy was a succuss they thought they could get someone interested but still nothing

the projected has not been canned and the script is written and even a studio to shot at (in australia the same one farscape uses)

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