what you looking forward to


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As above.

what upcoming movies are you all looking forward to.

mine are

Star wars III
The Day After Tomorrow
The Whole ten Yards
The cronicles of ridick
Pirates Of the Cara II-III
Indy 4
Batman Begins
Collateral (long way off but looks promising)
The bourne supremacie

Just a few!



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kill bill 2
bubba ho tep
shaun of the dead
van helsing
the day after tomorrow
euro trip
the girl next door

for me :D

Ps Im not getting my hopes up for Indy 4, it's never going to happen :rolleyes:


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Don't forget Spider-Man II :thumbsup:

And maybe Aliens Vs Predator (as long as Mr. Anderson doesn't ruin it)... :rolleyes:


"Raise The Titanic" and "Britanic" R2. I pre-ordered "Helter SKelter" R1, Manson family murders from listening to Beatles song Helter Skelter which up until now I have them on 2 VHS (2H36M) tapes. "The Molly Maguires" in September "Star Wars" triology and somewhere in between "Roller Boogie" with Linda Blair.


"Roller Boogie" with Linda Blair.


There's a memory jogger!

Worked in the video trade at the time and came back from a trade show in London with the first four releases from a new video company called "Media".

These were "Halloween", "Assault on Precinct 13", the rather wonderful "A Boy and His Dog", and the aforementioned "Roller Boogie" a truly dreadful "SNF" wannabee made to cash in on the roller-disco craze, starring Linda Blair with career in full nosedive. And yes, it's as bad as you'd imagine. Beyond awful...

Come to think of it - might be worth a look...


ferris57 yup gotta agree, shaun of the dead as well, looks well good


(Blockbusters) :laugh: :laugh:

Blockbuster didn't exist as a video chain in the UK at the time of the initial release of these movies.

And I was actually sales manager/buyer for a North West wholesale distributor. Not many sales assistants from Blockbuster get to go buying movies at trade exhibitions in London.

:laugh: :laugh:

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