What year did panasonic plasma fix the loose screws issue with the pcb boards


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Myself and a few friends own quite a few plasma tvs, and are considering taking the rear panal of them all, and inspecting the pcb boards for the loose screw issue that can cause problems on old tvs.

I know the 2010 txp50g20 models had the issue with loose screws, and i heard that by 2012 panasonic may have been installing improved screws that lock down and fix the issue. but i am not sure if this is true as you read a lot of crap on internet !

Does anyone know from experience when panasonic started fixing the issue? e.g what models had the new improved screws installed , and what models did not have the new improved screws installed?

I am guessing the gt50 , ut50, or vt 50 had the issue fixed?
I also expect the txp50s30 may have the old defective screws? has anyone taken apart a txp50s30 to check these screws?


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Ok so removed the back off txp42s30, and lucky i did because the power board had multiple loose screws. I tightened them up and it seems to have quietened down the background noise it makes. Hopefully this reduces the chance of arcing and helps the power board dicipate excess energy to the ground. Took about 1 hour and now its up and running. Next I am repeating this on a txp50vt65, which needs fans cleaning also. I am expecting the vt65 from 2 years later, will have locking screws, so no tightening needed. Trying to get another 10 years use of plasma as i dont like oled ! and despise led !


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Sorry we couldn't help with your question - all I can offer is that my GT30 from 2011 had the normal screws, but I don't know if and when this was resolved in subsequent years.

When my plasma failed, I tracked the fault down to failed components on the SD board but the screws on that board appeared to be tight and there was no sign of arching, so I presumed that it failed for a different reason.

I have noticed that sellers offering reconditioned replacement SD boards often state they come with new and improved screws, so it was clearly an issue on that board. My TV is still sat around awaiting a fix when I get round to it, but I'll check the screws on the other boards as well if you're saying it's also a known issue on the power board ?

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