what wrong with my 40 inch samsung lcd tv..


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This line appered when I came back into my living room when my son was in there alone. does anyone know what ot is or if it can be fixed....when credits are playing or there are words on the screen you.can see them through the grey...not clearly but you can see shadez and shapes through it....any help would be appreciated....



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Is it on all inputs?
Have you tried removing the power from the set and then powering it up again?


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Any luck with this? I have the same thing actually in the same area as well but mine is only about half way up..... figured I would ask before I assume its a lost cause.


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Not any help, but this happened to my parents TV, a Samsung 40" from around 2007, not sure of model number but from what I can make out looks the same as yours.

We had to power it down and back on again to get of the lines. It happened for a while and then stopped. I haven't lived there for about two years so I don't know if it's happened again, but I do know they still use it. The video input was from a Sky box using SCART socket when I was there last.

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