What would your Top 10 be?


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High-Def Digest have put up a little article on its first birthday, offering 10 titles it'd be nice to see in high def, irrespective of format:


Which 10 would you like to see released?

Not "What do you think would be successful, or help high def, or either format", but what films would you personally love to see (and hear) in HD?

Steve W

Bald Monkey

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Hi-Def Digest have a great top ten there..... with 16 movies in it! :devil:


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Probably my three favourite films (in no particular order) are:

- Casablanca
- Sleuth
- The Sting

After that I'd probably end up with a Top 8, Top 11 or Top 16 or something like that, but I promise to give it some thought :D


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My absolute top for HD would probably have to be Lord of the rings. Just for the cinematic flying cameras through the mountains and sweeping landscapes. That's got to be great in high def on a big screen. :smashin:



I'd like The Abyss. (I own on LD but not DVD. This film more than any other needs the HD treatment.)

The Thin Red Line. (Looks fantanstic on DVD but needs the HD treatment.)

Golden Eye. (One of my first DVD's I bought, looks very dated now.)

Event Horizon. (A strage choice but after watching Sun Shine I've got the itch to watch EH in HD.)

Legend. (I own the restored version on DVD but it still looks bad, needs the HD treatment and another restoration IMO.)

Top Gun. (An 80's classic that needs the HD treatment.)

2010. (Another very old DVD in my collection that's in dire need of the HD treatment.)

Armageddon. (I own on LD but not DVD because of its PCM track. This would look and sound fantastic in HD.)

ID4. (I own on LD but not DVD. Another movie that would look fantastic in HD.)

Brave Heart. (One of my all time favourite films, should be given the HD treatment ASAP.)


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1. Master & Commander
2. Aliens
3. Gladiator
4. Big trouble in Little China
5. Spirited Away
6. Back to the Future
7. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
8. Nightmare On Elm Street
9. Jaws
10. Princess Mononoke




The Matrix Trilogy are my two faves. Is that two or six though?

After that

Hero – already looks stunning on DVD.

Apocalypse Now

(one of my favourite war films. I wouldn’t mind A Bridge To Far and The Guns Of Navarone as well.)

Blade Runner

(one of my favourite sci-fi films.)


Has the coolest start to a film.

Bram Stokers Dracula.

I’ve still not got round to buying this on DVD. I could jump a generation and get it on HD.

That’ll do for now I think.


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Top Gun. (An 80's classic that needs the HD treatment.)

Brave Heart. (One of my all time favourite films, should be given the HD treatment ASAP.)

Did you see either of these on Sky HD recently?

PS I'd like to see Seven, Pulp Fiction and Hero! :thumbsup:

Jim Morrison

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Good thread Steve, i hope the mods keep it in this part of the forum.

Anyway, my wish list..

1. Se7en

Fincher's masterpiece is one of my favourite flicks of all time and if done right, Darius Khondji's gorgeous cinematography should look rather stunning in HD.

2. Vertigo

For me personally, this is the Holy Grail of Universal's back catalogue and if announced tomorrow, i would seriously consider buying a HD-DVD player.

3. The Original Star Wars Trilogy

Whilst I have no interest whatsoever in the prequel trilogy, i'd sell my right ball for the original, un-tampered-with versions in HD.

4. The Alien Quadriliogy

Although i'd buy this primarily for the first two films, i'd happily cough up for the entire series in HD.

5. The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy

Speaks for itself really.

6. L.A. Confidential

Another of my favourite films that i'd love to see get the Warner HD treatment.

7. Citizen Kane

One of the first films that my old man took me to see and a must have film for any self-respecting film fan. So, might aswell have it in HD eh!

8. The Spider-Man Trilogy

Another no-brainer. Loved the first two and from the early reviews, it looks like Raimi has knocked it outta the park with the 3rd.

9. Fight Club

Another modern day classic from Mr Fincher that should look stunning when presented in HD.

10. The Stanley Kubrick Collection

I'd love to see 2001, A Clockwork Orange, The Shining, Eyes Wide Shut and Barry Lyndon in Hi-Def. Let's just hope Warner do a better job with them than they did with Full Metal Jacket!

There are countless more i'd love, but the above would do nicely for now. :D

Oh and i really hope Warner's pull their finger out and give Blu-Ray owners Casablanca sooner, rather than later.


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Yeah..good list, JM.

My own most desired HD movies would have to be (in no particular order):

2001 - A Space Odyssey
LOTR Trilogy
Russian Ark
Pulp Fiction
Blade Runner
Talk to Her
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (coming soon :clap: )

(Of course I'm secretly hoping that industy insiders are reading this thread for pointers.)

Skyav :thumbsup:


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Some good choices above. My top-ten in no particular order:-

Shawshank Redemption
Lord of the Rings Trilogy
LA Confidential
Pulp Fiction
Thelma & Louise
Best Years of Our Lives
The Sting
The Matrix
Master & Commander

I think I'll have a long wait though!



I'd like to see in no particular order:

Close Encounters
Alien Quadrilogy
War of The Worlds
Saving Private Ryan
Star Trek First Contact
Everything ever made by David Lean (particularly Dr. Zhivago & A Passage to India)
Master and Commander

All with lossless Audio


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Really looking forward to:

Shawshank Redemption
Jurassic Park trilogy
Moulin Rouge
The Green Mile
The long kiss Goodnight
Silence of the Lambs

Tony :)


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Right, an odd mix.

This is a selection of:

A - My absolute favourite films, but which would look good in high def;
B - Smashing films which would really show off high def at its best.

Lots of films I love aren't in here as they probably wouldn't show off high def as much as the ones I've listed (Ealing Comedies, etc).

1 - Das Boot - For the sheer, cinematic intensity of it;

2 - Dead Poets' Society - A lot of PW films look great, this looks superb;

3 - Leone Collection - Because any one of these films warrants the high def formats on its own;

4 - Vertigo - Hitchcock's finest (couple of) hour(s);

5 - Heat - Has 'epic' written all over it;

6 - Leon (a.k.a. The Professional) - The perfect mix of modern action film and arthouse sensibilities;

7 - Se7en - Dark? So what?

8 The 'Vengence' Trilogy ( Symapthy For Mr.Vengence, OldBoy, Symapthy For Lady Vengence) - The perfect mix of modern action film and arthouse sensibilities...and Far Eastern extreme violence;

9 - The Third Man - If it had been American, they'd have said "Citizen Kane is now officially PANTS";

10 - Groundhog Day - Picture an evening in late '93. A Yorkshireman at a London University. I went to see this at the cinema at the Lakeside Shopping Centre with my mates - one of whom was a big film buff, like me. We loved it! As I sat watching the film I was reminded of all the old Capra 'feel good' comedies. I thought of how 1 or 2 films had started to be released on VHS in widescreen, and hoped this would follow. It was a great relief when it was, and an equal relief when I saw it on LaserDisc. A DVD followed, then a special edition DVD. It's a film I've always upgraded, and which I always will.

Steve W

ps. And The LOTR Trilogy, obviously.



Not when he's on my HDD right now. :smashin:


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Far too may films to think about to make a ultimate top 10, but I'd like to see the following in HD :

Stars Wars Original Trilogy
Indiana Jones Trilogy
Lost In Translation
Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind
Saving Private Ryan
LOTR Trilogy

PS. and any of the Tarantino movies :thumbsup:


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on HD it would have to be -

1) Lord of The Rings
2) Sin City
3) Kill Bills
4) Indiana Jones
5) Back To The Future
6) Cleopatra
7) Lawrence of Arabia
8) Braveheart
9) House of Flying Daggers
10) The Last of the Mohicans

Alas, until Studios sort out the debate it is unlikely to see a few of the above on HDDVD or Blueray, as some studios support one format and not the other

Dr Force

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1.Saving Private Ryan
2.Star Wars collection
3.LOTR trilogy
4.Good the Bad and the Ugly
5.Green mile
7.Alien trilogy
8.The Others


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1. Abyss
2. Aliens
3. Original Star Wars Trilogy (plus Revenge of the Sith)
4 Indy Trilogy
5 Back to the Future Trilogy
6 Sin City
7. Matrix (only the original for me)
9. Braveheart
10. Gladiator

T2 and Leon didnt quite get in there - but still amazing films and would look excellent in HD

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