What would your ideal Plasma/ LCD Screen be like?


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My ideal screen would be:

1. 37 inches - my house is small, plus I think a smaller screen will show up less of the flaws than when blown up to a bigger scale.
2. Real black system - like pansonics
3. High contrast ratio - similar to pannis
4. Large colour pallet - similar to pio
5. High definition capable or at the very least a native XGA resoloution - so that non high def pal can be displayed without having to upscale too much.
6. Detachable speakers/ optional speaker - I do not need them as will use an av system.
7. Digital tuner option via an external tuner!
8. Component slots as an option - plus a card slot for 3rd party cards - combining panni 6 with pio
9. An auto aspect switching device in the screen or even on the car slots for inputs. Maybe an option on the dvi inputs for pc/video so that it auto aspect swiches video and one can manually select pc.
10 Some method or device to reduce screen burn - maybe a really nice device would be one that could remove LOGOs themselves but that is asking to much and is really dreaming.

Similar but getting rid of those problems:
Movement streaking
Increased contrast and viewing angle
Improved colour.

But we can all dream.........................

Any manufactures out there - please take note!!

Oh yeah and a low price or lower price - maybe around £2000w oudl be fair (though lower woudl be nice :D )

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