What would you recommend?


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I am planning in buying a dvd recorder. Some things I would want are as follows:

1- Multi region playback
2- hard disc recording
3- multi format use inc ram disc
4- being able to remove adverts and then put onto disc?
5- dv input

I am thinking of the panasonic e....60d. cannot remember the exact name.
Where can I get a multi region one from?


Tom Tom

At the college I work for we have 2 Panasonic DMR E85H which are really good, not sure if there any multi region ones or if they hack


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Having looked closer at the above model it is also listed as having DVD Audio playback. Does this mean that it has 5.1 analogue outputs on it? Does it need these or is an optical output as good when connected to my amp?

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The Pricerunner website lists the multiregion modified EH60D with 8 retailers. Cheapest price £399-95

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