What would you do?


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What would you do?

I have a Curry’s PC World voucher code for sale.

Here comes the nitty gritty.
After chasing team know how for the last two weeks, I have finally got the code, but no paperwork, letter or anything.

I rang them this Thursday gone and the bloke who I spoke to said they would escalate it with a form to send off to the relevant department and I would receive a text message with a link to the code within 24 hours.

24 hours went by and still no message or code. So I called them today explaining what was going on. I asked if it could be emailed to me, but the lady said it had already been emailed to me on the 16 March and suggested I check my spam folder. I checked it out whilst on the phone to her but nothing in my spam box, inbox. Logged in to the email server and checked online, nothing at all.

She has verbally given me the code which I have written down twice to confirm.

She also confirmed how much the voucher was for with no prompting from me, as I found out how much it was worth after speaking to the person on Thursday.
I now have a couple of choices.

The code is worth £1284.00. This is to replace an LG OLED 55C6Vwhich was written off by Team Know How.

Offer the code on the forum for 89.6% which is £1150.00 (actually £1150.46) or,

Buy a new television which would be a 55-inch OLED, either Panasonic or LG and offer it for sale new and unopened.

I don’t need another television as I have bought a used Panasonic TX-65DX902B from member ChrisN on this forum, collecting it next Easter weekend.

I can give you any info you require from me to make assure I am genuine.


Well, I make this easy unless you have the item in your possession (physical or digital) you can’t sell it on here. So the scribbled down code is not viable.

Can you get this code sent electronically from the supplier? Alternatively buy a popular item and sell it on here maybe?


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Notwithstanding the issue above, this sounds fraught with problems.

Firstly as a new seller, it's highly unlikely anyone would be interested unless you provide the code before receiving payment.

Then what happens if they report that the code doesn't work? Supposing the code was emailed to someone else in error & they've redeemed it?


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In this situation I would buy a physical item to sell.

Is it only another TV you can buy or any item?

If you want me to test out the code feel free to PM me it and I will tell you if it works :D


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Buy oled sell lcd. Simples!


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Think you have the answers above, it took 3 months to receive my voucher for a price match which I eventually sold.

The only other possible solution is you buy a specific item on behalf of someone and money is paid to you once the item is received, you could have it sent directly to them to save you the hassle of postage.


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Another option is to sell the code on and have the buyer pay after they have used it. It's a big risk on your part but should be OK with the right buyer.

OR if you can find a sale locally you could be with them when they use the code and have immediate payment then.


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Buy 3 Xbox Series X and sell on Ebay!


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They're still going for silly money?


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Can you not just take the code back and get a refund :rotfl:

I think you've had all the various options layed out other than buy something for yourself.


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Thanks for all the replies.
I will try and obtain a hard copy first and take it from there.

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