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I have an air source heat pump ( basically an air conditioning system in my flat)

Just before Xmas it would only cool down not heat up.

I call out an Engineer who .

23rd Dec - checks it out convinced 4 way valve is shot = no charge

27th Dec= comes back to change 4 way valave turns out it was sticking and he loosened it up heat = charges £170

no heat again

5th jan= comes back pulls it down convinced compressor is shot takes it back to his workshop changes compressors

9th jan= comes to install it but wires have become brittle so needed parts and has to stop the job halfway

11th jan= connects it all back cant get heating

14th jan= comes back takes it down bck to work shop cleans it out
cant get heating

now the thing is he's a very nice honest bloke. He hs now admitted he cant get it working. What do i do?

i am concerned as the compresser is £250 and i am thinking did i ever need it ? Or the four way valve. He has spent at least 25 hours trying to sort it. He texted me saying he will drop it all off. But what do i do if presented with a bill?
I don't know enough about these to advise, but from your post it would seam this is pretty old?, if so it might be more cost effective to get it replaced with a new or reconditioned one.

I do know that it is recommended that these are serviced yearly or it shortens the life of the units considerably. (something you might be able to do yourself)

You will certainly have to pay for the labour/call out charges if any, as to the parts well if you don't want them he should be able to take them back without any problem. He will be able to simply return them back to where he sourced them from.

It might be an idea if he is unable to repair to ask him what the replace cost is going to be. The cost of the returned parts will go towards a possible replacement...



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If you know the manufacturer of the unit I'd recommend contacting them for the details of "certified" service/repair engineer on this model.

Our boiler (different equipment but I guess the point stays the same) kept going faulty and the guy who installed it kept replacing sensors and in the end couldn't work out why it kept failing (but charged us for the pleasure).
I called a certified engineer the manufacturer gave me the details of, they carry a set of common fault parts that they can switch to test what's go wrong on your unit, and they tend to know what fault the symptoms point to. These guys came in an after 20 minutes had fixed the boiler without even having to wonder about it.


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the problem with the air source heat pump i have is that a company made them for the development i live in and other buildings made by the developer. They're not common machines.

Its literally a metal box, with a compressor from one manufacturer, a 3 way valve by another manufacturer , the heating controls from another manufacturer and so forth.

So its a pick and mix and there is no way of identifying who put the box together as there are no stickers or identify marks. It's proving to be a nightmare to find an engineer as the first thing they ask is who made it? and the answer is i don't know!:confused:


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How about contacting the house developper? If the unit is 6 years old I assume so is the house? It should be covered by the NHBC thing shouldn't it (although I don't know if it'd cover the heating system)?
How about contacting the house developper? If the unit is 6 years old I assume so is the house? It should be covered by the NHBC thing shouldn't it (although I don't know if it'd cover the heating system)?

No it won't, it's structural only. Even if it was you would have a job getting anything out of them, the assurance they provide is meaningless unless in the most extreme cases. (from a person who has had first hand dealings with them) :mad:


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