WHAT WOULD YOU DO...Yamaha AX86SE, Sony 2400ES or Pioneer VSX-LX53


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I basically have 2 AV kits (Yamaha DSP AX863SE and Sony STR DA2400ES) as I used to have separate rooms for TV screen and Projector.

I'm now able to watch both in the same room, and am considering buying a Pioneer VSX-LX53 as it has 2 HDMI outs and I can buy for a good price, and it seems well received - (which with a 15m QED HDMI Cable would reach my projector).

The pioneer seems to be rated very high in most reviews, and it would certainly please the missus if i simplified things and also didnt have to bi-wire al the speakers for the 2 systems.

I like both the yamaha and sony...and have no idea on the pioneer ...but would welcome any advice on the following options:

1) keep both - 1 for projector at back of room, and 1 for tv at front of room.
2) keep just 1, and switch HDMI out cable to projector / TV as needed.....in which case...which 1??
3) buy the pioneer and sell the sony and yamaha.

In terms of other significant equipment to match with:
* Panasonic PT-AE3000 projector
* Pioneer Kuro KRP-500a (+ tuner)
* B&W PV1 sub +M1 sats + B&W XT-8 (front r&l) + B&W XTC (centre)
* Blu-ray sony bdp S360

all advice and feedback welcome.

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also - ive never quite managed the knack of getting 7 channels of sound out of my yamaha on a 5.1 blu ray...if anyone would know how i master this as well, that would be very useful whilst I consider the above 3 options... (sorry I know it is probably simple to the experts out there, but i.m certainly not in this category :rolleyes:


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