Question What would you do in my shoes with Harmon Kardon Soundsticks II?


Hey guys, my current setup consists of:

- Harmon Kardon Soundsticks II plugged directly into motherboard
- Audient iD4
- Custom built PC, no sound card

I've played with the idea of getting some powered bookshelf speakers to plug into the Audient as to 1. Get better sound and 2. Ease of use (having to click a button to mute the speakers on the Audient for headphone work compared to switching back and forth in Windows settings).

Ideally I'd like to have the speakers be used for general purpose music and movie watching with light gaming. I'm looking to get back into voiceover work but will likely use headphones for it. The room (my bedroom) is roughly 12ft x 12ft so pretty small.

If you were in my shoes, would you change the speaker set up? Or should I be happy with what I've got now? Any recommendations would be highly appreciated. And for reference, my budget is around £150-£200 if I were to change.


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Those sticks are not that bad tbh especially if you have the sub also but they do deserve a dedicated soundcard as opposed to the default mobo sound ports. They will sound alot better with this too..

As for other options.. a set of powereds like edifier, klipsch or adams will certainly give you that superior sound


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If you were in my shoes, would you change the speaker set up? Or should I be happy with what I've got now?

I guess the principle should be: if you're happy with the sound, don't change anything.

However, you asked what others would do. I would ditch the HK Soundsticks. I've heard either the Mk2 or 3 versions a couple of times and, IMO, they fall short in sound quality terms.

For your room size, a pair of speakers with a single 5" bass/mid driver in each cabinet would work best, IME (i.e. give the most accurate tonal balance) - though if you enjoy the bass-heavy sound of the Soundsticks, you may wish to increase speaker size to a single 6" bass/mid driver in each cabinet. For around £200 brand new:

The 305P Mk2 is massively popular and gets great reviews. It's the obvious choice. These are true active speakers which should work perfectly with your Audient iD4. Many other near field studio monitors of similar size, and a touch larger, are available at around the £200 mark. As an example:

Obviously, buying pre-owned could get you even better sound quality.


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Amazon product
Amazon product
Are these your components?

Can you give us a working Budget?

Edifier S350DB (£250/set)
might get the job done for you. This is a 2.1 system with DAC and Bluetooth, and with a Remote Control.

Amazon product
There are some demo videos and reviews of this on YouTube.

The JBL 305P Studio Monitor is highly rated in its price range, but does not have the additional features of the Edifier S350DB. Equally the Mackie MR524 Studio Monitors are right up there with the JBL, but again, they are basic Active Monitors with no extra features. Both well worth considering if having a DAC, Remote, and Bluetooth don't have any appeal for you.

Listed are the 5.25" version of the Mackie and JBL, but they also come in 6.5" and 8" versions.

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I had the Harmon Kardon Soundsticks II plugged into my Mac and they did sound good tbh, recently I replaced them with Klipsch R 51PM speakers and a Klipsch 12" Sub. I'm more the happy with the sound, there a few issues with the R 51PM speakers and bluetooth which Klipsch are looking into for me. Ive plugged them directly in for now and the sound is awesome.


Hey guys, want to say thank you for all your suggestions. I got into a pretty deep rabbit hole of looking at reviews and scoping out YouTube for videos about them. I think it says volumes to the amount of times I saw the JBL 305P MK2 recommended through multiple message boards and videos.

But the thing that kinda twisted my arm was a review by Z Reviews (I'm sure he's quite well known in the audio community) and he LOVED the JBLs but the Mackie CR624s that he compared them against, the only difference he noted was the ability to keep the sound good at low volume. As someone who's a night owl, I feel like the Mackie's would suit me more. So gonna save a little more and splash out to get the CR624s. Thank you again for all your suggestions!

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