What would you choose...


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Okay so an AV950 is around £6000 and a P777 is around £4400.

On the other hand could get AVR750 for £4000; a D33 for £2200 and add the A49 for £3500.

All in very similar costs... Given an example speaker setup of PMC 24 or 26 front and the 20 center and perhaps 2 pairs of PMC Wafer or PMC21 for rears and surrounds...

Which would you choose?

And yes I know should demo but this is more hyperthetical for now... Just curious of opinions. Oh and assume around 50/50 movies and music.


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If it was me - I'd buy an AVR450 for £2200 and a P777 - total cost £6600. Given the overall similarity between the 750 and the 950, I'd struggle to justify spending nearly three times as much as the 450 (which is as good as a 750 if you are using it as a preamp) on a 950 to get slightly improved DACs and balanced outputs. I've not auditioned the 950, but I find it hard to believe you wouldn't be well into diminishing returns if you spent the additional £3800.

If you then wanted to add the D33, you've then got the same DACs as the 950, and you've still saved yourself over a grand and a half.

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