What Would You Choose - Astro A40 / ATH-A700 / ATH-AD700 / ATH-AD900 / HD595


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Please help me decide I cant decide between these, I will be using them with a Astro mixamp and mainly for gaming, but will aslo listen to music & movies etc.

And the ath-a900
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My preference in order of best at the top would be,

1. ATH-AD900
2. ATH-AD700
3. HD-595
4. ATH-A700


Reasons for this order is that the ATH-AD900 does everything the 700 does just better, they have a great soundstage like the 700's but everything is just that little more refined, secondly the ATH-AD700's are superb value headphones, huge soundstage but weaker on bass than the 900's, ive put the HD595's as 3 because they arnt stunning performers for music, they have more bass than the ATH's but the mids arent very good & can get a little harsh at times, lastly the A700's are at the bottom as the others mentioned are just better headphones.

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