What would anyone pay (nex panny TY42TM6Y board)


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The TM6Y boards are about £180 RRP, so I guess 2nd hand you could get about £100-£150.

Not 100% sure you would be able to sell it though as most people buy the screen with this video card or go for the scart option...

Again not 100% sure, but I think that Panasonic Business UK give these cards away with the PWD range as they are normally used for bunsiness reasons...



I guessed as much..... but I didnt know whether Id get more selling it than discount from the supplier..... and I cant post in the classifieds because its against rules! Darned rules!



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I think you might have some diffculty selling it as most people will buy their screens with the boards they want in the first place. Go for the discount, after all, it's not going to be a huge difference when compared to the cost of the screen.
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