What would a scaler do for me?


Hello scalers!

as title really, never understood the merits of a scaler, but now my kit is getting pretty good, just wondered if now was the time?

My kit list is in my sig so, What would a scaler add to my system?

And what would scaler should I buy as a good starting machine??



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How much would you consider spending? The C2, vp50 and Luma Radiance (next year) seem to be the front runners.

Which Panny do you have? PHD6?


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You would be better to get a PHD6/7/8 first before considering a scaler. Far more improvement to be had by doing that.


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Get a demo, it's the only way you will know for sure what it can do


Fair enough but for some of us that's impossible! There is no demoing in the country I'm in and I rely on opinions of experts like yourself. Please see my new thread.



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In which case you will have to appreciate that to one person the difference is night and day, and to the other it is minimal. So take comments with a pinch of salt! I still recommend a video processor into every dedicated cinema I build as it really is a case that once you've lived with one you can never go back. But that's only my opinion of course....


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I suppose it's generally better to say video processor, instead of just scaler.
Lumagens have advanced gamma controls, so if you get it set up by someone, like Gordon, they can calibrate colours so they are spot on. Deinterlacing also is one of the main jobs of the scaler/vp. If you watch region 1 NTSC DVD's then a vp can reduce/eliminate the judder that's incurred by these.

There are not many flat panel TV's where you can bypass the TV's scaler. The PHD6/7/8 range is one of the few. However, because of the above, it does not mean that you can't have benefits of video processing. They all have their strengths and weaknesses, so you need to decide how much you want to spend, and what material you want to view. Is it just SD you want it for, or SD & HD? How important is video performance to you like sports etc., or do you just want it for film based material?

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